Anniversary Stones by Year: Meaningful Gift Ideas

Loose diamonds and gemstones.

There’s no doubt about it — jewelry makes a memorable and meaningful anniversary gift. Whether it’s the very first year or you’ve been together for ages, giving the gift of jewelry means giving something that lasts forever, just like your love. We’ve put together a list of jewelry gifts for each wedding anniversary year, pulled from traditions both old and new. Find out which you should give for this year’s anniversary by taking a look at the chart below.

1st anniversary14k Gold21st anniversaryChrome Diopside
2nd anniversaryGarnet22nd anniversaryTanzanite
3rd anniversaryPearl23rd anniversaryAmethyst
4th anniversaryBlue Topaz24th anniversaryWhite Sapphire
5th anniversarySapphire25th anniversarySterling Silver
6th anniversaryAmethyst26th anniversaryCitrine
7th anniversaryBlack Sapphire27th anniversaryMorganite
8th anniversaryTanzanite28th anniversaryPink Sapphire
9th anniversaryAmethyst29th anniversaryAquamarine
10th anniversaryDiamond30th anniversaryPearl
11th anniversaryCitrine35th anniversaryPeridot
12th anniversaryMother-of-Pearl40th anniversaryRuby
13th anniversaryGreen Sapphire45th anniversarySapphire
14th anniversaryMorganite50th anniversary14k Gold
15th anniversaryRuby55th anniversaryYellow Sapphire
16th anniversaryPeridot60th anniversaryDiamond
17th anniversaryGarnet65th anniversaryPearl
18th anniversaryAquamarine70th anniversarySapphire
19th anniversaryGreen Quartz75th anniversaryDiamond
20th anniversaryBlue Sapphire80th anniversaryRuby
Personalized gifts.

Anniversary gift ideas

At Shane Co., you can create a personalized piece that was made just for them by using our suggestions for anniversary stones or by showcasing her favorite color, her birthstone, and more. Design your own ring with the center stone of your choosing, create a necklace that’s totally unique, shop birthstone jewelry, or create a piece within our unique Family Collection, where you can add up to five stones of your choice. Our final suggestion? Add a heartfelt engraving to ensure you’re giving her jewelry that she’ll want to wear forever.

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