Anniversary Stones by Year: Meaningful Gift Ideas

anniversary gift ideas

Are you looking for that special anniversary gift that speaks to your unique love? There’s no doubt about it — jewelry makes a memorable and meaningful anniversary gift. Whether it’s the very first year or you’ve been together for ages, giving the gift of jewelry means giving something that lasts forever, just like your love. Find out which stone you should incorporate into your jewelry for this year’s anniversary by taking a look at the chart below.

What Are the Traditional Anniversary Stones by Year?

Traditional Anniversary Gifts and Stones by Year
1st Anniversary14k Gold21st AnniversaryChrome Diopside
2nd AnniversaryGarnet22nd AnniversaryTanzanite
3rd AnniversaryPearl23rd AnniversaryAmethyst
4th AnniversaryBlue Topaz24th AnniversaryWhite Sapphire
5th AnniversarySapphire25th AnniversarySterling Silver
6th AnniversaryAmethyst26th AnniversaryCitrine
7th AnniversaryBlack Sapphire27th AnniversaryMorganite
8th AnniversaryTanzanite28th AnniversaryPink Sapphire
9th AnniversaryAmethyst29th AnniversaryAquamarine
10th AnniversaryDiamond30th AnniversaryPearl
11th AnniversaryCitrine35th AnniversaryPeridot
12th AnniversaryMother-of-Pearl40th AnniversaryRuby
13th AnniversaryGreen Sapphire45th AnniversarySapphire
14th AnniversaryMorganite50th Anniversary14k Gold
15th AnniversaryRuby55th AnniversaryYellow Sapphire
16th AnniversaryPeridot60th AnniversaryDiamond
17th AnniversaryGarnet65th AnniversaryPearl
18th AnniversaryAquamarine70th AnniversarySapphire
19th AnniversaryGreen Quartz75th AnniversaryDiamond
20th AnniversaryBlue Sapphire80th AnniversaryRuby

What Is the Meaning Behind Each Anniversary Stone?

chart of each anniversary gift and it's meaning
GoldGold symbolizes compassion, generosity, and power. 
GarnetGarnet represents friendship, love, trust, and protection. 
PearlPearl is said to bring the wearer wisdom, innocence, and beauty. 
Blue TopazBlue topaz is associated with honesty, clarity, and communication. 
SapphireSapphire is said to attract wealth and symbolizes virtue, good fortune, and wisdom.
AmethystAmethyst symbolizes spiritual healing, wisdom, and calmness. 
Black SapphireBlack sapphire signifies strength, power, and good luck. 
TanzaniteTanzanite represents spiritual truth and intuition. 
DiamondDiamond is associated with strength, love, and cleansing. 
CitrineCitrine symbolizes positivity, growth, and confidence. 
Mother-of-PearlMother-of-pearl is said to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearers. 
Green SapphireGreen sapphire is associated with compassion, intuition, and clarity. 
MorganiteMorganite represents innocence, love, and inner strength. 
RubyRuby symbolizes power, wealth, protection, and knowledge. 
PeridotPeridot brings good fortune, healing, and prosperity to those who wear it. 
AquamarineAquamarine is said to symbolize youth, happiness, and hope. 
Chrome DiopsideChrome diopside evokes love and commitment while keeping aggression away. 
White SapphireWhite sapphire provides love, prosperity, and beauty. 
Sterling SilverSterling silver symbolizes clarity, sensitivity, and awareness. 
Pink SapphirePink sapphire represents love, truth, elegance, and wisdom. 
Green QuartzGreen quartz is said to awaken love, empathy, and compassion. 
Blue SapphireBlue sapphire brings luck, happiness, and loyalty to its wearers. 

What Is a Milestone Anniversary?

Milestone anniversaries usually occur every five or 10 years, such as the 10th, 20th, or 30th anniversary. Every wedding anniversary year deserves celebration, but there’s something truly special about big milestone anniversaries. These special milestones are celebrated to commemorate the longevity and enduring love between a couple. The first wedding anniversary is also considered a milestone, marking the completion of the first year of marriage.

1st Anniversary Milestone14k Gold
5th Anniversary MilestoneSapphire
10th Anniversary MilestoneDiamond
15th Anniversary MilestoneRuby
20th Anniversary MilestoneBlue Sapphire
25th Anniversary MilestoneSterling Silver
30th Anniversary MilestonePearl
40th Anniversary MilestoneRuby
50th Anniversary Milestone14k Gold

How Can I Incorporate the Anniversary Stone into a Piece of Jewelry?

Shop Colorful Gemstones

In order to find the stone that matches your anniversary, shop our wide selection of colorful gemstones. You can find the perfect stone or mix and match colors that represent your relationship.

Try Our Family Jewelry

With our Family Jewelry collection, you’ll find pieces that allow you to add multiple gemstones at once. This is a great way to incorporate multiple meaningful anniversaries at once or add family birthstones.

Get It Engraved

If you want to make the jewelry you pick out even more special, consider getting it engraved. You might engrave it with their name or pick a meaningful date, like your wedding anniversary. This is a great way to make the gift extra personalized and unique to your story.

anniversary rings in gold, white gold and rose gold
From Left to Right
Adair Aquamarine Anniversary Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Beloved Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White Gold
Palencia Peach Morganite Anniversary Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Anniversary Gift Ideas

At Shane Co., you can create a personalized piece that was made just for them by using our suggestions for anniversary stones or by showcasing their favorite color, birthstones, and more. Design your own ring with the center stone of your choosing, create a necklace that’s totally unique, or shop birthstone jewelry. Book a virtual or in-store appointment for further assistance from our expert jewelry consultants.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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