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  • Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab-grown?

    A trained gemologist can tell the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond using special equipment. At Shane Co. all our lab-grown diamonds are inscribed with “Shane Co. Lab-Grown,” which can be viewed with a loupe by a jeweler so they can easily differentiate them. Also, we always keep our lab-grown diamonds separate from our natural diamonds.

  • Do lab-grown diamonds hold value?

    Lab-grown diamonds are relatively new on the market, so there’s not a lot of historical data about their value. Unlike natural diamonds, they don’t have a track record of maintaining or increasing in value. That said, they’re a great option if you want to get a larger diamond for your budget.

  • Do lab-grown diamonds dull or yellow over time?

    No, just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not dull or yellow over time. That said, you’ll want to get regular cleanings to keep that sparkle.

  • How long do lab-grown diamonds last?

    Lab-grown diamonds last forever, and can be passed down from generation to generation just like natural diamonds.

  • Is a lab-grown diamond the same thing as cubic zirconia and moissanite?

    No. A lab-grown diamond has the same chemical makeup and appearance as a natural diamond, whereas cubic zirconia and moissanite do not.

  • Are lab-grown diamonds real?

    Yes! Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds, only they’re made over weeks using advanced science and technology.

  • Where is the best place to buy LGD?

    The best place to buy a lab-grown diamond is at a reputable jeweler like Shane Co., that’s been in the diamond business for generations. Our long-standing knowledge of diamonds and our high standards mean we’re offering only the best lab-grown diamonds.

  • What are the best lab-grown diamonds?

    Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamond quality varies greatly. At Shane Co., we hand-select each diamond, including our lab-grown diamonds, and work with vendors who have been perfecting the art and science of making lab-grown diamonds for years. In fact, we waited to sell lab-grown diamonds until we were able to source diamonds that could meet our superior standards for quality.

  • Do lab-grown diamonds look cheap?

    To the naked eye lab-grown diamonds look no different than natural diamonds. In fact, you can usually get a larger lab-grown diamond for your budget. So lab-grown diamonds might actually look more expensive, when really they’re not.

  • Are lab-grown diamonds tacky?

    This is a subjective question, but obviously we think the answer is no. Diamonds are a classic, versatile, gorgeous gemstone that can be passed down for generations, even if they’re lab-grown.

  • Are lab-grown diamonds worth anything?

    Prices and resale values may go down as manufacturing efficiencies continue but sentimental and personal value will never fade.

  • Can you tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond?

    No, to the naked eye they look exactly the same. A trained professional has to use special equipment to tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. That said, at Shane Co. we inscribe all our lab-grown diamonds with “Shane Co. Lab-Grown,” which can be easily viewed under the magnification of a loupe.

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