The Most Popular U.S. Road Trips, According to TikTok

Featured image for the most popular road trips in the U.S.
Featured image for the most popular road trips in the U.S.

In the age of social media, traditional travel guides have taken a backseat to digital platforms like TikTok, where users share snippets of their adventures in the form of short, engaging videos. These videos not only inspire wanderlust but also offer valuable insights into the most sought-after destinations.

While road trips have always been a staple of American adventure, some routes stand out more than others. That’s why we at Shane Co. wanted to map out the most popular road trips, according to TikTok. We analyzed countless videos, hashtags, and trends, aiming to pinpoint the road trips that resonate most with today’s travelers and couples.

So, whether you’re planning a serene drive with your significant other or seeking the perfect backdrop for that engagement ring selfie, our findings from TikTok might just guide you to the ideal destination. Join us on this thrilling journey, and who knows, you might just find the next road you’d want to traverse hand in hand with your loved one!

The 11 Most Popular U.S. Road Trips

Chart illustrating the 11 most popular U.S. road trips

Key Findings:

  • Route 66 is by far the most popular, with 468.7 million views on the hashtag
  • In second place is Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana, with 36.4 million views
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway comes in third, with 35.1 million hashtag views

In the age of digital exploration, hashtags have become the compass by which many navigate. On TikTok, they illuminate the road less traveled, spotlighting the U.S.’s most cherished road trips.

Dominating the scene is the iconic Route 66. Often revered as the “Main Street of America,” this stretch from Chicago to Santa Monica is not just a journey across states, but across time. Its resonance on TikTok is undeniable, with its staggering 468.7 million views. As travelers share snippets of quirky diners, vintage motels, and towns that seem suspended in time, Route 66 stands as a testament to America’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

But the allure of the open road doesn’t end there. Going-to-the-Sun Road has captured the attention of 36.4 million viewers. Located in Montana’s Glacier National Park, this road promises ethereal views of glaciers, valleys, and pristine lakes, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Another gem is the Blue Ridge Parkway, which has charmed 35.1 million TikTok users. Spanning from North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains to Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, it offers a serene escape into nature’s embrace.

Honorable mention goes out to the American Southwest Road Trip, celebrated with 1.7 million views under its dedicated hashtag. This route winds its way through the landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada, unveiling a tableau of unique rock formations, expansive canyons, and a rich tapestry of indigenous cultures and histories.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest Road Trip through the states of Washington and Oregon garners a commendable 1.6 million hashtag views. It offers a mesmerizing blend of rugged coastlines, dense evergreen forests, and majestic mountains, punctuated by vibrant cities and quaint coastal towns.

The Most Popular Road Trips in Each Region of the U.S.

U.S. map showing the most popular road trip in each region

Spanning multiple regions, the iconic Route 66 embarks from the Midwest in Chicago and courses through the heartland, captures the essence of the Southwest with its desert landscapes and unique rock formations, and culminates in the coastal allure of the West at Santa Monica.

In the Northwest, two standout road trips dominate the internet. The Going-to-the-Sun Road, cradled within Montana’s Glacier National Park, provides stunning views. Complementing this mesmerizing journey is the Pacific Northwest Road Trip, which winds through the lush landscapes of Washington and Oregon.

The West is home to the Pacific Coast Highway, a scenic drive that clings to the ocean and offers breathtaking vistas at every twist and turn. Paired with this coastal marvel is the Avenue of the Giants, a drive through Northern California’s ancient redwood forests, allowing travelers to stand in awe of nature’s towering creations.

Journeying to the Southeast, the Overseas Highway emerges as a unique stretch connecting the Florida Keys, creating the illusion of a drive atop the ocean. The Blue Ridge Parkway, originating in the Southeast’s Great Smoky Mountains, meanders gracefully into the Mid-Atlantic, delighting travelers with panoramic mountain views and pockets of historic charm.

The arid landscapes of the Southwest narrate tales of nature and culture through several captivating routes. The Million Dollar Highway, with its mountainous backdrops, the American Southwest Road Trip that showcases the beauty of states like Arizona and New Mexico, and the Utah Mighty Five Road Trip, which traverses five of the nation’s most awe-inspiring national parks, together paint a vivid picture of this region’s allure.

Finally, the Northeast calls out with the New England Road Trip. As it passes through historic towns, terrains, and coastlines, travelers encounter the history and varied beauty of this region.

Closing Thoughts

From the iconic stretches of Route 66 to the serene bends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, these journeys offer travelers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of the nation. But it’s not just about the destinations; it’s the stories, the memories, and the shared experiences that make each trip truly unforgettable.

As you chart your next adventure, consider venturing off the beaten path to explore the lesser-known treasures the U.S. has to offer. And if your journey leads you to moments of love and commitment, Shane Co. is here with a timeless collection of jewelry to celebrate those milestones. Safe travels and happy exploring!


To identify the most popular road trips across the nation, we compiled a list of the most well-known U.S. road trips from sources such as Road Trip USA and Local Adventurer. From that, we searched 18 popular road trips by hashtag on TikTok to determine which ones were the most popular in terms of the highest views by hashtag. Finally, we determined the 11 most popular U.S. road trips by their respective hashtag views.

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