The Most Popular Cake Flavor in Every U.S. State

The Most Popular Cake Flavor in Every U.S. State

Let them eat cake! At least that’s what they said once upon a time, right? While phrases may come and go, there’s one thing for certain: our love for cake is one that will pass the ultimate test of time. 

At Shane Co., we know that a good slice of cake is synonymous with many of life’s greatest celebrations. From turning a year older to tying the knot with the one you love, no party is truly complete without that decadent dessert we know and love. While we specialize in sparkling engagement rings and gorgeous wedding bands, we love seeing what people pair with their celebrations. 

With this in mind, we wanted to investigate the most popular cake flavors across the United States. We turned to Google Trends for 30 of the most common cake flavors over the past 12 months in order to uncover exactly which flavor each U.S. state fancies the most. Read on to see if your go-to made the list! 

The Most Popular Cake Flavor in Every U.S. State

Infographic showing the most popular cake flavor in every U.S. state

Our analysis showed that when it comes to cake, there’s no one true leading flavor that reigns supreme. In fact, across the 50 states and D.C., 21 different flavors appear as a fan favorite in at least one state. 

While many states prefer classics like sponge cake or angel food cake, others aren’t afraid to skew away from the traditional flavors. For example, West Virginia is a sucker for orange cake while Connecticut’s go-to is pistachio. These certainly aren’t quite the safe bets of vanilla or chocolate, but we applaud these states’ adventurous taste palates.  

It’s also interesting to note that there appears to be a correlation between preferred cake flavor and geographic location. For example, many southern states — including Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and more — all agree that strawberry cake is elite. With the abundance of fresh strawberries grown in the area, we can’t blame them! 

The Most Popular Cake Flavors Overall

Chart showing the most popular cake flavors by count of state

When putting all of the data together, we found that the most popular cake in the U.S. is ice cream cake, according to 10 U.S. states. Close behind is strawberry cake, most beloved by seven U.S. states, followed by molten lava cake, coming out on top for five U.S. states. 

We were surprised to see that white cake, one of the most common desserts for a celebration, appeared at the bottom of the list, only winning over one state. Similarly, chocolate cake is the most popular in just two states. Other iconic flavors such as German chocolate and red velvet were also shockingly unpopular across America. 

The traditional cake isn’t for everyone, which possibly explains why alternatives like cheesecake and cookie cake both made the list. While these aren’t the conventional symbols of a celebration, we can’t deny that both sweet treats are delicious options. 

No matter how you take your cake, the most important thing is that you celebrate your big occasion with the ones you love. No occasion is too big or too small for an extravagant cake — or a beautiful gift, for that matter! Shop our collection of timeless jewelry so you’re prepared for the next celebration that comes your way. With a sparkling diamond on your hand, we say you can have your cake and eat it too! 

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Googling a cake and endorsing that cake as a fave?
Not equivalent.

Orange cake in WV?? I would have to say strawberry or a pound cake lol

Did you mean Strawberry short cake or just strawberry cake for the the southern states. Big difference. I wouldn’t think you would put fresh strawberries in cake batter. But fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top would be a favorite.

You can absolutely put fresh strawberries in cake.

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