The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends, According to Pinterest

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If you’re planning to pop the big question, you definitely want to bring your A-game with a dazzling engagement ring that brings tears of joy to your partner’s eyes. But with so many styles and options out there, how do you nail it with a perfect selection?

Not to worry! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and scoured Pinterest to bring you the most popular engagement ring trends in 2023. From band material to diamond shape and the inclusion of other gemstones, we’ve compiled the data you need to make an informed decision based on the number of boards created about each style and how often they’re pinned.

A thoughtfully chosen engagement ring can make all the difference in a proposal, so keep reading to find the perfect ring style to take your partner’s breath away!

The 15 Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends

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Whether you’re the one getting down on one knee or eagerly waiting for that life-changing question, it’s hard not to get excited thinking about engagement ring possibilities. Of course, engagement ring trends are ever-evolving, so we looked at 27 trends, from which five clearly stood out.

Are you a hopeless romantic and lover of all things old-school? You’re not alone in your appreciation of the classics! At number one in our study, with 63,830 Pinterest pins, vintage engagement rings are having a moment in 2023. With their elegant fusion of intricate details and timeless design, the rings are an ode to timeless love.

Move over, diamonds — at number two, with 45,810 pins, gemstone engagement rings are adding a splash of color to proposals this year. These vibrant and beautiful rings come in a variety of colors and styles, proving that love comes in all shades of the rainbow!

There’s something irresistibly enchanting about antique engagement rings, and with 45,330 pins (number three on our list), it’s clear we’re not the only ones under their spell. These vintage treasures whisper tales of love from generations past with each intricate detail and timeworn patina. Just imagine slipping a gorgeous antique ring on your partner’s finger and feeling like a character straight out of a Jane Austen novel. Swoon!

Unconventional, daring, and effortlessly cool, black diamond engagement rings are disrupting the world of traditional sparklers. At number four on our list, with 35,098 pins, black diamonds have captured the imagination of Pinterest users who crave something different. Like a leather jacket or a pair of biker boots, black diamonds add an element of edge and intrigue to your love story, proving that true romance can be anything but predictable.

If true love is forever, why not symbolize that sentiment on your finger for all to see? Eternity rings, with their continuous band of dazzling diamonds or colorful gemstones, are the epitome of everlasting love and commitment. Racking up 22,479 pins and rounding out our top five engagement ring trends, these rings are the ultimate romantic gesture, so slip an eternity ring on your partner’s finger and let your love story play on a loop!

The Most Engaging Engagement Ring Trends

A graphic showing the engagement ring trends with the most pins per board on Pinterest

When it comes to emerging engagement ring trends, we figured looking at the number of pins per board was a better reflection of engagement with a trend than just total pins. Our thought process? The above may have fewer boards about them, but users are pinning them more regularly.

Gemstone engagement rings (208 pins per board) were our second most popular trend overall, and show up as our most engaging ring trend, too! Why are gemstone engagement rings so popular? We think it’s because of the endless shimmering options. From sapphires and rubies to amethysts, aquamarines, and more, these rings are a colorful, creative way to express your unique love story.

With their delicate glow and irresistible allure, engagement rings with a rose gold band (158 pins per board) add a contemporary twist to the traditional engagement ring. So, if you’re ready to pop the question, why not do it with a hint of pink?

Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings (118 pins per board) are another emerging trend worth digging into. The unique cut of the diamond on these rings, sometimes meant to mirror tears of joy, will give your ring a distinctive look that will draw eyes from across the room.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the emerging trend of men’s engagement rings (116 pins per board). Both partners in a relationship wearing engagement rings symbolizes their commitment to each other and the strong bond they share. Men’s engagement rings will likely continue to grow in popularity over the years.

The Most Inspiring Engagement Ring Trends on Pinterest

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still looking for on-trend ideas to help you along your path to the perfect engagement ring, you’re in luck! Sort through our full data table below and prepare to get inspired!

Closing Thoughts

Whether you opt for a classic vintage piece, a colorful gemstone, or anything in between, what matters most is that the engagement ring you choose speaks to the love and commitment you and your partner share and reflects your unique style and personality.

That’s why we carefully curate such an extensive, diverse, and up-to-date engagement ring collection (including many of the trends we analyzed above). So check out our engagement rings now, and you’ll be well on your way to a proposal your significant other will never forget.


To determine the most popular engagement ring trends, we created a list of 27 engagement ring trends from websites like The Knot and Wedding Forward. Next, we pulled Pinterest data on the most popular ring styles, metals, and cuts in 2023.

From there, we crunched the numbers to find the most pinned trends with the most boards created about them and the most engagement (based on pins per board).

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