How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set

Matching wedding ring set featuring around diamond center stone in yellow gold. Twisting diamond pattern on an engagement ring and matching wedding band set
Matching wedding ring set featuring around diamond center stone in yellow gold. Twisting diamond pattern on an engagement ring and matching wedding band set
Ebb & Flow Wedding Set

Wedding rings are a beautiful tradition dating back over 3,000 years. They symbolize the love and commitment two partners share. Typically, wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. From then on, each person in the couple wears their ring for the rest of the marriage.

Commonly, one person will propose to the other with an engagement ring before the wedding occurs. In this case, the recipient of the engagement ring will wear both that ring and their wedding ring together. Ideally, these rings will have a cohesive look. A wedding ring set is one way to ensure your engagement ring and wedding ring look good together. 

What Is a Wedding Ring Set?

A wedding ring set refers to two (or more) rings that are designed to be worn together. A set typically consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band created to complement each other.

Keep in mind that some jewelers use the term “wedding set” to describe a matching groom’s band and bride’s band. At Shane Co., and in this article, a matching set exclusively means a paired engagement and wedding ring.

Matching wedding ring set featuring a round diamond center stone in yellow gold. Matching wedding band options: white gold pave band, yellow gold band with emerald cut diamonds, twisted/swirl band in yellow gold
Top to Bottom: Vista Pave Band, Plume Engagement Ring, Avra Diamond Band, Diamond Twist Band

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring?

Both an engagement ring and a wedding ring hold a lot of meaning. Engagement rings are a relatively modern practice, while wedding rings have been exchanged for centuries. An engagement ring is typically given to indicate that one partner wants to marry the other. It serves as a promise of commitment until the impending wedding.

A wedding ring is part of the actual marriage ceremony and is worn by both parties. While engagement rings and wedding rings can feature a variety of styles, there are some common characteristics of both. A typical engagement ring, for example, usually features a center stone either by itself or surrounded by other stones. A traditional wedding ring may be all-metal or feature stones along the band, but they don’t often have a characteristic center stone.

What Hand Does Your Wedding Ring Go On?

The finger you wear your wedding ring set on is ultimately a personal choice. There are traditions that are handy to keep in mind, though. In American culture, engagement and wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, or the finger between the middle finger and the pinky. In some cultures, including those in Russia, Germany, and India, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

How Do You Wear a Wedding Ring Set?

If you select or receive a wedding ring set prior to the wedding, you’ll typically wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger following the proposal. During the wedding ceremony, add the wedding band above or below the engagement ring (depending on the set design).

Alternative Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Set

If you like the matching look of a wedding ring set but don’t want to wear the rings stacked together, there are plenty of alternatives. You can always wear the rings on separate fingers. Maybe you want the wedding band to sit on the traditional ring finger while wearing the engagement ring on a different hand to mix things up.

Trying out different fingers with your ring set allows you to add other rings to the stack. Mix it up with an anniversary ring or something else every once in a while! You can also put one or both rings on a chain to wear as a necklace. This is a great option if you use your hands often for work or sport and want to keep your rings protected.

How Do You Match an Engagement Ring with a Wedding Ring?

While we offer matching wedding ring sets at Shane Co. that are coordinated, you can also choose individual rings and build your own set that suits your personal taste. See below for various ways to pair your engagement ring and wedding ring.

Matching wedding ring set featuring round diamond center stone in a white gold halo setting. With matching wedding band options featuring emerald cut diamonds or round cut diamonds
Left: Classic Diamond Wedding Band
Center: Anthem Halo Engagement Ring (Round)
Right: Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Match by Metal

The traditional approach is to wear an engagement ring and wedding ring that are made of the same metal. You can also mix and match metals, though, if you want a unique look. White gold and yellow gold tend to be complementary, as do rose gold and platinum. Explore the following metal types:

Matching wedding ring set featuring a round center stone in white gold. A pave engagement ring and pave wedding band set
Diana Wedding Set

Match by Setting Style

Another option when matching your engagement ring to your wedding band is looking at similar setting styles. Taking this approach allows you to coordinate your rings with a matching aesthetic. Two popular styles we offer at Shane Co. include vintage and classic.

Matching wedding ring set featuring an aquamarine center stone in yellow gold. An engagement ring and wedding band set
Left: Hidden Lotus Engagement Ring
Right: Jolie Diamond Band
Loose Stone: Oval Aquamarine

Match by Diamond or Colorful Gemstone

Diamonds, both natural and lab-grown, are a classic choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Pair diamonds that feature similar cuts, or mix and match various styles. You can also incorporate colorful gemstones into your wedding ring set for a unique, beautiful approach.

Buy a Matching Set

Finally, we can’t recommend our matching wedding sets enough. These intricately designed sets offer convenience when looking for rings that were created purposefully to look gorgeous together. Find wedding ring sets in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and two-tone gold.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are built to wear for a lifetime, so it’s understandable that you want to find the perfect pair. While you’re searching for your wedding ring set, make an appointment if you want assistance from one of our expert jewelry consultants.

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