May Birthstone — Green Sapphire and Peridot

Happy birthday, May babies! With spring in full swing, the landscape is beginning to fill with bright colors and seasonal delights. Flowers and lush vegetation appear out of seemingly nowhere, fed by the thirst-quenching rains of April — so it’s only fitting that rich, leafy green would be our May birthstone color.

While emerald is traditionally considered May’s birthstone, it’s a softer stone that may not hold up to regular wear over a number of years. We only carry jewelry that is worthy of our Free Lifetime Warranty because we know it will retain its beauty over the years. For this reason, we do not carry emerald jewelry at Shane Co. Instead, we offer similarly colored stones like beautiful green sapphire and peridot. With our selection of green jewelry with hand-picked stones, you’ll still be able to show off your month’s birthstone color with versatile Shane Co. styles.

Want to learn more about these stunning stones? Let’s start with green sapphire.

Green Sapphire: A May Birthstone Alternative

Shane Co. carries a gorgeous alternative for May birthstone babies: green sapphire. This beautiful green birthstone is one of three precious gems Shane Co. carries (the other two being diamond and ruby), making it the closest quality and an excellent alternative to emerald. Sapphire is a variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral that forms in crystals and can range from transparent to opaque. With a high rating on the Mohs hardness scale, green sapphire is appropriate for a wide variety of jewelry. It’s also very durable and easy to clean, meaning you can safely wear a green sapphire ring to show off your birthstone without worrying about potential nicks or damage.

While you probably imagine sapphire as the traditional blue you see in most cases, sapphire comes in a number of different colors, depending on the presence of certain elements in its makeup. Green sapphire owes its rich color to iron, giving it a higher density than most gemstones. It can range from pale to deep green, sometimes with hints of yellow or blue. It’s also one of the rarer colors of naturally occurring sapphire. Its unique tone is the result of both yellow and blue bands, which make the gem appear green to the naked eye.

Did You Know?

Legend has it that the first person to wear sapphire was Zeus’ rival, Prometheus, who stole the gemstone from Caucasus along with fire from heaven. The idea that sapphire was a “Gem of Heaven” was also popular with the ancient Persians, who believed that cut sapphires were a chip from the pedestal that supported Earth and reflected back onto the sky.

Green Sapphire Vintage Style Pendant With Diamonds

Spiritual and Mystical Properties

Like many other gemstones, sapphire is believed to have a number of healing properties. Sapphires of all colors are considered stones of wisdom, with green sapphire in particular pointing to wisdom of fidelity, integrity, loyalty and trust. It is associated with stimulation of the heart chakra, encouraging compassion and enhancing one’s spiritual vision, as well as calming and focusing the mind. When the heart chakra is out of balance, we can begin to feel controlling effects within relationships and become quite critical of others. This green gem helps to resolve blocks and re-balance, so that we can understand our needs and emotions more clearly. Wearers of sapphire can enjoy the effects of tranquility and thoughtfulness, releasing mental tension and restoring balance within the body.

Where Can I Find May Birthstone Jewelry?

At Shane Co., we offer May birthstone jewelry made only with directly and ethically sourced stones. Our green sapphires are vibrant and carefully cut to bring out the best of these unique gems. You can find our entire selection of green sapphire jewelry here, or check out some of our individual designs below to find the right piece for your style and budget.

Round Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring: This classic three-stone ring highlights your May birthstone color with a perfectly shaped round green sapphire center stone and a diamond flanking each side.

Green Sapphire & Diamond Swirl Pendant: This one-of-a-kind pendant necklace features one stunning green sapphire taking center stage, with 17 round diamonds to add that hint of extra sparkle. Shaped in a beautiful infinity design and crafted with 14k yellow gold, this is a special gift for any May baby.

Green Sapphire Branch Necklace: This simple but stunning necklace has a unique branch-like design made with our high-quality sterling silver, studded with one round green sapphire.


Another great choice for a May birthstone is peridot. A less widely known stone than sapphire, peridot is the gem-quality variety of the mineral olivine, named for its rich olive-like color. Its color comes from properties of the mineral itself, rather than trace impurities, like many other gemstones. On rare occasions, peridot is even found inside meteorites!

Did You Know?

In Hawaii, peridot once symbolized the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire, who controls the flow of lava in volcanic eruptions.

Where Can I Find Peridot Jewelry?

Shop all peridot and other green jewelry online at, or visit us in-store to speak with one of our expert jewelry consultants for help finding the perfect gift.

Green Quartz, Peridot, and Diamond Ring: Featuring a few shades of May’s birthstone color, this unique ring showcases peridot and green quartz stones in a shimmering design alongside some of our sparkling diamonds.

Peridot Bolo Bracelet: Peridot’s lower price point makes it a great way to gift your favorite May baby without breaking your budget. This bolo bracelet features 11 round peridot stones on a high-quality sterling silver chain!

Checkerboard Cut Marquise Peridot Earrings: Simple yet unique, these marquise peridot earrings feature varying sizes of peridot stones set into a sparkling design. They’re sure to be a new everyday piece for anyone who loves this exquisite stone.

No matter what you choose, Shane Co.’s selection of green gemstones and handcrafted designs will look beautiful with any skin tone and style. Easily shop online at to find the perfect gift for a loved one or to treat yourself. You can even book a virtual appointment to speak with one of our in-house jewelry consultants.

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