When Should I Take My Engagement Ring Off?

When you finally have a gorgeous ring to show off on your left hand, the idea of taking it off may seem a little crazy. But remember: your engagement ring is a piece of fine jewelry. Even though it’s built to last, there are still times you may want to remove it to avoid any potential damage. Here’s what the jewelry experts say about when to wear your ring, and when to store it.

Is it okay to sleep with my engagement ring on?

Most jewelers agree: you’re better off removing your ring before hitting the hay. This will prevent your ring from getting caught in your hair, threads, clothing and anything else that might loosen the stone or become stuck in the setting. The pressure of your body against your hand can also cause your band to become misshapen over time. This rule is especially true if your ring has a prong, cathedral, or another setting with small metal pieces that can get easily jammed.

Can I cook while wearing my ring?

This one’s pretty straight forward. Trapped debris from food, especially fat and flour, can easily get stuck in the intricacies of your ring. This will not only dull your jewelry’s shine but can also lead to sustained damage to your stone over time. Kitchen tools and heat are also problematic, so make sure to put your ring somewhere safe before you dig into dinner.

Can I wear it at the gym?

Exercise + ring = disaster. Extreme movement can lead to accidental scratches or dings, not to mention the built-up sweat, salt, dirt and oils that can lead to an extra trip to the jeweler. Twisting and turning can also cause your jewelry to accidentally break free, leading to an even bigger problem: the loss of your gorgeous engagement ring. Play it safe and ditch the ring for any exercise you plan on partaking in.

Is it safe to wear my engagement ring in the water?

Saltwater and chlorine are the enemy to your favorite accessory. There’s potential for salt or sand to scratch the metal and stone. And, your body acts differently under water, making your fingers shrink and allowing your engagement ring to come loose. Avoid putting your diamond in danger by skipping wearing your bling to the pool or beach.

Will my ring get damaged by cleaning products?

The danger of nicking your engagement ring certainly rings true when you’re scrubbing plates or dusting furniture, but the most harmful part of cleaning is the harsh chemicals used. Bleach and other cleaning tools can easily damage every part of your ring, and gloves won’t necessarily prevent it from catching and coming loose. Better to take it off beforehand and be happy knowing you don’t have to worry about possible damage.

Can I wear my ring when I put my makeup on?

Lotions and make-up can cause unflattering build up that will make your ring appear dull. Keep your sparkle strong by removing your engagement ring (and other jewelry) while you perfect your skincare routine.

Here are more tips for keeping your engagement ring safe and sound:

  • Invest in a ring box or two. Having a pretty container to keep your ring safe while you’re at home and on the go makes all the difference. It’s much easier to lose track of your ring if you’re constantly storing it in different places.
  • Get regular check-ups. It’s important to take proper care of your ring – this includes going in for regular cleanings and checks. An experienced jeweler will not only give your ring a deep cleaning but will also check for any scratches or other issues that they may be able to fix before it gets any worse.
  • When in doubt, take it off. If you’re not sure whether it’s safe to wear your ring, it’s better to remove it than risk any impending harm.

At Shane Co., your engagement ring is made to last as long as your love. With superior handcraftsmanship, high-quality metals and more gold in every ring, you can feel good knowing your engagement ring is safe and sound on your ring finger. Even though diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, it’s important to remember that they’re not entirely unbreakable. Enjoy wearing your ring whenever and wherever you can, while still taking precautions to avoid any easily preventable damage. Learn more about engagement rings by visiting ShaneCo.com or reading up on The Art of Engagement and everything bridal on the Shane Co. blog.

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I had to have my rings cut off and it was over a year before I could get it fixed… was charged an exorbitant fee because my warranty was inactive… that was not the original warranty we had 44 years ago and they did a horrible job, covered over the scalloped detail on the edges instead of rebrushing the middle part… and evidently, if you do not live by a store so you can go in once a year your lifetime warranty does not mean a thing. Bought the ring in the 70s when they started and have loved Shane until this latest fiasco.

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