Made to Last a Lifetime: Getting a High-Quality Engagement Ring

Choosing where to buy your engagement ring can be just as big a decision as figuring out which ring to get. With thousands of options available, how do you know you’re getting the best quality? At Shane Co., we create engagement rings that are not only built to last a lifetime, but are also protected by our Free Lifetime Warranty. With superior craftsmanship, hand-picked stones and benefits designed with your complete satisfaction in mind, we aim to help our customers get the very best value for their budget.

What Does “Built to Last” Mean?

Filing Down a Rough Diamond

Shane Co. creates affordable engagement rings that are made with care so you never have to worry about your ring’s quality and durability. Here are some of the things that make our rings so special:

Thicker Shanks

We put more metal into the structure of our rings so that it’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time. We only use high-quality metals like 14k yellow, white and rose gold, sterling silver and platinum. This ensures that your ring remains beautiful for years to come, and it means you’re getting more value for your budget.

Better Stone Security

Our prongs are stronger than most other jewelers. They are designed to securely hold your center stone in place and reduce the risk of accidental dislocation of your beautiful gem. The sides of our rings are also more substantial in order to keep accent stones safely in place. We do all of this without compromising the elegance of our rings.

Making A Band For An Engagement Ring

Dedicated Expert Jewelers

We employ jewelers who are educated and passionate about their craft. Upon receipt from our manufacturers, every piece of Shane Co. jewelry gets final quality-control inspections before being placed in our store. Our in-house designers work worldwide to create designs that are unique to us, giving us the largest selection of exclusive jewelry designs. We even offer personalization options like engraving to make sure your piece is extra special. Because we sell our stones loose, you can also pick the perfect gem to match your engagement ring setting.

In addition to our talented designers, you’ll find well-trained staff in all Shane Co. stores. Our sales staff is noncommission, so you don’t have to worry about being pressured into spending outside of your budget. They are committed to delivering an enjoyable and personalized experience to every customer, regardless of how big or small the purchase.

Directly Imported Diamonds

We buy our diamonds directly from the source in Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Mumbai in order to eliminate all the middlemen and their pricey markups. We pay cash, rather than credit like most jewelers. This gives us tremendous leverage in negotiating prices. Because of our long-standing relationships with the diamond cutters, we are given first pick of the prettiest stones. We also guarantee that all of our gems are ethically sourced by working with sources that adhere to the Kimberley Process and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Shane Co.’s quality standards for diamonds go well beyond the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight). We hand-pick all of our stones based on their sparkle, choosing only the prettiest diamonds in each grade. We only ever use natural stones — never lab-created — in our jewelry because we value the unique properties enduring value that only natural gems can hold. And with our Shane Classic ideal cut diamond, you’ll get the most spectacular diamond humanly possible with the maximum amount of sparkle.

What Else Is Included with Your Engagement Ring?

While other jewelers may offer some perks with your ring purchase, no other company delivers the value that Shane Co. does. Here’s what you get when you buy a Shane Co. engagement ring:

Making An Engagement Ring

Free Lifetime Warranty

Shane Co.’s lifetime warranty is more than just a saying. You can save up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your ring with our included services, such as center and side diamond replacement, ring resizing, prong retipping, rhodium finishing, shank repair, ring and band soldering, and crooked-prong adjustment. Some jewelers offer a “lifetime warranty” but refuse to include the center stone. Some jewelers offer a warranty but still charge you for some of their services. And some jewelers who offer a warranty make you pay a fee for it, or refuse to put their warranty in writing. Our commitment to making sure your most affordable engagement ring looks perfect means you end up spending less in the long run.

Lifetime Trade-In Policy

In addition to our lifetime warranty, Shane Co. offers an upgrade policy that stands above the rest. For any diamond, ruby or sapphire you have mounted in an engagement or wedding ring, you’ll receive the full credit value toward the purchase of your upgraded gem. All you need to do is spend $1 greater than your original purchase price. Most other jewelers make you spend double the price of the original stone.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all Shane Co. purchases. We take pride in our jewelry and want you to as well, which is why we give a full two months for you to make sure you’re happy with your piece. Trade it in for a different look, or simply receive the full refund. Either way, we want you to leave feeling confident you made the right choice.

Free 2-Day Shipping

With on-site locations near many major cities across the U.S., we’re used to people enjoying the experience of shopping at Shane Co. stores. But did you know that our online store offers free 2-day shipping on all U.S. orders? Our customers also have the option to buy online and pick up their piece in-store, so no matter what your preference is, it’s easy to find and take home the perfect bridal designs for every style and budget.

The Shane Co. Promise

With perks like our Free Lifetime Warranty, free resizing, comprehensive upgrade policy and more, it’s no wonder why Shane Co. has so many loyal customers. As a fourth-generation, family-owned-and-operated jeweler, we recognize the value of creating lasting relationships with our customers. Our dedication to quality goes hand in hand with our strong community presence — we love seeing our customers come back for new jewelry as they celebrate life’s special moments, memories and milestones. To find out more about what makes Shane Co. unique, you can speak with one of our dedicated employees at a store near you. If you want to start shopping today, you can begin designing your high-quality, affordable engagement ring on our website here.

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