5 Engagement Ring Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Whether you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day or just take an opportunity in the coming months to commit to your sweetheart, there’s no doubt that the start of a new year creates an array of romantic moments to get down on one knee. Luckily, our design team has shared some of their favorite 2021 engagement ring trends — and we get to share them with you!

1. Out-of-the-box halos

Halos have been trending for years now, and for good reason. Adding a ring of sparkling diamonds, sapphires, or rubies around your center stone can not only create a unique look, but it can also offer the illusion of a bigger stone. This year, we expect to see more unusual halo shapes, colors, and designs than your usual one- or two-ring circle. We love the unique look of this Navette Diamond Halo Engagement Ring and this Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring as perfect examples of this upcoming trend.

2. Art Deco influences

Vintage-style rings have always been some of our favorites, but this year look out for sleek geometric lines, elegant emerald cuts, and other on-trend Art Deco inspiration in your favorite engagement rings. This Modern Frame Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, with a stylistic baguette halo and a stunning center stone, is a gorgeous choice if you’re looking to try out this popular style.

3. Sparkling swirls

Infinity-inspired designs are sure to take center stage in this year’s engagement ring trends. A touch of metal swirling in the band of a diamond ring creates a unique silhouette that will look good on any wearer’s hand. Try this Diamond Twist Engagement Ring or this Infinity Swirl Engagement Ring with Milgrain Detailing in our signature shade of 14k rose gold for a contemporary twist on a classic style.

4. Marquise stone shapes

The oval diamond has been having its day in the sun, but we predict that 2021 will be the year of the marquise. This unique eye-shaped cut features 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends, which can elongate the look of the hand and add a little vintage touch to any setting. You can shop all of our hand-picked marquise diamonds on ShaneCo.com.

5. Perfectly Preset Engagement Rings

Customizing an engagement ring by choosing the setting and center stone from our wide selection of options is always a great way to create a unique ring that you and your partner are sure to love. However, we predict that preset rings will become ever more popular in 2021. Shane Co.’s Perfectly Preset Engagement Rings are put together by our design team for a ready-to-go style she’s sure to love. You can shop all preset rings here.

Excited to try out these upcoming trends? Shop or drop a hint online at ShaneCo.com, or visit us at your nearest store to see our designs in person. You can also take advantage of our safe and free Curbside Service, or book a virtual or in-store appointment to speak with one of our non-commissioned jewelry consultants.

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I love the very first ring on this page. What is the name of this one again, AMT of diamonds in this ring and the cost of this ring.

“Halo” and the price would be dependent on the diamond and other stones.

Love them all

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