The Influence of Social Pressure on Wedding Costs

While wedding planning should be a happy time for you and your fiancé, we all know that sometimes it can be a stressful one as well. When making decisions on flowers, food, outfits, and everything in between, it can sometimes feel like the whole world has an opinion on your wedding choices. This pressure can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to remind you — it’s your day! Learn how to better deal with all the pressures that come along with planning a wedding through these tips.


Merging two families together is already a difficult process, but it’s made even trickier with the added expense of a wedding. Most likely, your loved ones will have ideas and expectations of their own when it comes to your wedding, from long-held traditions and religious views to ideals and personal taste. While of course it makes sense to consider how best to include both of your families on your big day, ultimately it’s your decision, not theirs. Control the pressure by letting your loved ones know when they’re making you feel overwhelmed, discussing your budget openly with both families (especially if they’re involved in some of the finances), and letting them know what you really want your wedding day to look like. While your mom may look forward to seeing you in that expensive wedding dress, all she really wants is to see a big smile on your face when you’re walking down the aisle.


There’s nothing like the bond between good friends. Even before you got engaged, you probably had an idea of who would be in your wedding party and all the fun events you wanted to plan together. But the pressure of providing the perfect wedding favors, having the best-ever bachelor and bachelorette parties, and showing off to your buddies doesn’t need to overshadow what your wedding day is really about. Let your friends know what you feel comfortable spending and doing related to your wedding, and make sure that if you’re handing off some of the work to your best man or maid of honor, you’re really letting them know what they’re in for. Everyone will have an opinion when it comes to your wedding day, but yours and your fiancé’s are the only ones that truly matter.


Nothing brings up culture and tradition like a marriage. From what kind of ring you get and where you’re getting married to old superstitions, the cultural expectations around getting married are endless. Luckily, it’s becoming more and more common to embrace the uniqueness of your own couple and go your own route when it comes to your wedding. Maybe you chose a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring instead of a traditional diamond ring, or maybe you want to keep your wedding small instead of throwing a huge party. Either way, don’t let cultural and societal beliefs dictate how you and your partner share your love.

Social Media

Social media is probably the biggest influence when it comes to wedding planning in the 21st century. With the pressure at full blast to have an Instagram-worthy wedding, it can be easy to get lost in a stream of pretty pictures and worry that your wedding day won’t live up to the hype. And while you’re following inspiration blogs and Pinterest pages to get ideas for your own big day, the truth is it’s going to be beautiful — no matter where and how you decide to get hitched. 

How to Combat Social Pressure

Here are a few suggestions to help relieve some of the pressure of wedding planning:

  • Limit your time on social media. While it can be fun, getting too wrapped up in what everyone else’s wedding looks like can end up hurting more than it helps.
  • Take control early on. Let your friends and family know up front that you and your partner will be the ones making decisions for the wedding, and give them an idea of what you have in mind so that they can get used to you being in charge.
  • Remember: There’s no such thing as perfect. The hard truth is there will definitely be some mishaps throughout your wedding planning process. However, that doesn’t mean that your day won’t be one that you remember and look back on fondly for the rest of your life.
  • Get some back-up. Assigning projects to members of your wedding team is two-fold: Not only will it help relieve some of the burden you’re carrying, but it will also give them something to focus on (instead of your relationship).
  • Be honest with the people you love. Your feelings matter, and the sooner you let those around you know what you want and expect from your wedding day, the easier it will be to move forward with the planning.
  • Focus on what’s important. Ultimately, your actual wedding party isn’t nearly as important as what it symbolizes: You’re starting a family with the person you love! Focus on your relationship and all the awesome things you have to look forward to, and wedding planning will seem a lot less stressful.

How to Reduce Costs

There are a number of ways to ensure you don’t go over-budget when planning your wedding. Here are just a few tips:

  • Plan an “off-season” wedding, during a time when venues aren’t totally booked out and hiking up prices based on demand
  • Go with a buffet instead of table service for dinner
  • Choose a public venue or have an at-home wedding
  • Create flower arrangements or wedding favors yourself instead of buying them
  • Most importantly, create a wedding budget immediately — and stick to it!
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