How to Have Your Dream Wedding at Home

Has COVID-19 changed your wedding plans? Can’t stand the idea of waiting months to marry your sweetheart? With social distancing guidelines predicted to be in effect throughout the summer, many couples are choosing to downsize their wedding party and instead move forward with an at-home wedding. Fortunately, it’s still possible to tie the knot with your partner, even if you can’t have the party you imagined. We hope these tips can help you on your big day!

Dress up

Just because you’re not saying “I do” in front of a crowd of people doesn’t mean you can’t don your wedding attire. If you already have a wedding dress and tuxedo, this step is easy — if you don’t, there are still plenty of online retailers available to help you pick out the perfect wedding-day clothing.

Find your wedding bands

Did you know you can book a virtual appointment with a Shane Co. jewelry consultant to help you and your significant other find the perfect wedding bands? They can even help you find a band to beautifully complement your engagement ring. Shop all wedding bands on, where everything ships for free within three days.

Decorate the venue

Having your ceremony at home doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel magical. Easily upgrade your venue by lighting candles, stringing up Christmas lights, filling the house with fresh flowers, or even designing your own arch and enjoying your nuptials outside.

Invite your guests

Even if they can’t physically be there, your friends and family can still witness your wedding through a virtual forum. Create an invitation and invite all your favorite people to hop on Zoom or another similar platform, then set up your laptop or computer to show off your at-home ceremony. You can also ask guests to drive by afterwards — hearing a parade of honks and “Congratulations!” can be a wonderful way to celebrate.

Make it official

Due to these unprecedented events, many states are offering online marriage licenses. You can choose to take advantage of this, or wait until you are allowed to safely sign your marriage documents at the courthouse. You can even recruit a friend or family member to officiate your wedding — it’s remarkably easy to get ordained online.

Plan for the future

If you can’t imagine getting married without a party to follow, you always have the option to perform the ceremony now and plan on celebrating with friends later on down the line. The good news is you’ll have more time to plan an amazing wedding party!

Remember what’s important

Many couples get wrapped up in the pomp and circumstance of weddings, but the truth is it’s about two people: you and your fiancé. Celebrate in a way that reminds you how much you love each other. Maybe that means having an after-party with your favorite food and drinks, creating a collage of all your favorite moments as a couple, or just spending a day in bed together as husband and wife. No matter what happens, you get to say that you married the person you loved, and what could be better than that?

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