The Wedding Band Stack — What It Is and How to Make It Your Own

Matching wedding ring set featuring an aquamarine center stone in yellow gold. An engagement ring and wedding band set
Matching wedding ring set featuring an aquamarine center stone in yellow gold. An engagement ring and wedding band set
Hidden Lotus Engagement Ring featuring an aquamarine center stone, Jolie Diamond Band

Are you looking to make your wedding band stand out in a unique way? Enter the wedding band stack. It’s the perfect way to add a beautiful design to your wedding band and engagement ring. After all, you’re going to be wearing these rings for the rest of your life — you want them to look and feel amazing.

At Shane Co., we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding band stack. There are several ways to make your wedding band stack totally YOU, so keep reading to learn more!

gold rings with diamonds that would be perfect to create a ring stack
Vista Pavé Band, Luminary Solitaire Engagement Ring, Harper Diamond Wedding Band, Margaret Double Row Diamond Band

What Is a Wedding Band Stack?

First of all, let’s dive into what exactly a wedding band stack is. A wedding band stack refers to the practice of wearing multiple bands on the same finger. Typically, the bands are of a similar design that coordinate well together.

Wedding band stacks have become increasingly popular over recent years. Many couples choose to add additional bands to their stack over the years, marking milestones like anniversaries. A wedding band stack is a great way to reflect personal style.

Matching wedding ring set featuring round diamond center stone in a white gold halo setting. With matching wedding band options featuring emerald cut diamonds or round cut diamonds
Classic Diamond Wedding Band, Anthem Halo Engagement Ring, Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Band

How Many Bands Should Be Included in a Wedding Band Stack?

There is no set rule when it comes to how many bands to wear in a stack, and many choose to wear just one wedding band and one engagement ring.

Typically, those who choose to wear more bands go with a thinner style while those who only want a couple of bands have more room to go with a wider look. The number of bands really comes down to personal preference. Some may choose additional bands to commemorate special occasions in their relationship, while others prefer a streamlined look.

Matching wedding ring set featuring a round diamond center stone in yellow gold. Matching wedding band options: white gold pave band, yellow gold band with emerald cut diamonds, twisted/swirl band in yellow gold
Vista Pavé Band, Plume Engagement Ring, Avra Diamond Band, Diamond Twist Band

What Are the Different Types of Wedding Bands That Can Be Used in a Stack?

There are several options when it comes to choosing bands for your wedding stack. A few popular choices include plain metal bands, diamond bands, and contour bands. A plain metal band allows for simplicity and doesn’t overwhelm the eye, a diamond band adds some sparkle and shine, and a contour wedding band is grooved to fit perfectly next to your engagement ring.

At Shane Co., we offer matching wedding ring sets that come with perfectly coordinated bands. Choose from floral designs, classic pavé settings, channel-set bands, and more.

contour wedding bands in gold, white gold and rose gold, all set with diamonds
Lyra Diamond Chevron Band, Clover Diamond Contour Band, Piper Diamond Wedding Band, Luxe Diamond Chevron Band

Can Different Metal Types Be Mixed in a Wedding Band Stack?

You can definitely mix metals in a wedding band stack! In fact, we think it’s a unique, personalized look and a great way to incorporate different styles and textures in a wedding band stack. We recommend experimenting with a few options to see how the different metals will complement each other.

It’s also good to consider maintenance for each metal. Some may require more care and cleaning than others, so it’s important to research and not treat each metal the exact same. Overall, the most important thing is to choose a cohesive look that you love.

example of engagement ring with wedding bands on both sides. diamond and yellow gold
Mirage Diamond Band, Knife Edge Solitaire Ring, Calais Baguette Diamond V Wedding Band

How Do I Choose Bands That Complement Each Other in Terms of Style and Design?

Whether you’re mixing metals or not, you’ll want a harmonious look to your wedding band stack. We suggest finding bands of similar widths that pair well together. We also recommend considering your stone when choosing a wedding band stack.

If you have a large center diamond, for example, you may want a contoured band that really complements that well. If you want a bold look, you might consider multiple bands that feature colorful gemstones. The options are endless!

How to Make Your Wedding Band Stack

Step One: Experiment with Metals

Just because your engagement ring is white gold doesn’t mean your wedding band has to be too. In fact, mixing it up with different-colored metals is a great way to create contrast and draw the eye to your sparkling ring finger. Choose white, yellow, or rose gold or platinum to add in an element of playfulness or match perfectly with your ring.

Step Two: Add Some Sparkle

Of course, a ring stack wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle — this is pretty much a rule at Shane Co. The trick is to find a variety of styles that will add some extra oomph to your look without outshining your engagement ring.

Step Three: Experiment with Shape

Adding some curves and textural elements to your wedding band stack is a stylish way to draw the focus to each individual ring. We love the look of a contour mixed with straight bands and, of course, your lovely engagement ring.

Need a Little Extra Help?

At Shane Co., we’re here to help you find the perfect wedding band stack. Explore our wedding bands and engagement rings to get started. When it comes to a stack, we think it’s very helpful to compare and contrast different bands together. Book an appointment online or in-store with our expert jewelry consultants for further assistance when selecting your wedding band stack.

Bonus: Inspiration Starting Points

Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Band

It’s true: simplicity really can’t be beat. This Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Band is crafted from high-quality platinum for the perfect starter to your stack.

Knife Edge Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold

This Knife Edge Wedding Band shines bright in 14k yellow gold. It’s a classic style with the on-trend twist of the outward edge, and will look great stacked with other, more intricate designs.

14k Rose Gold Wedding Band

This slim 14k Rose Gold Wedding Band is only 1mm wide, making it just right to add depth to a ring stack. The unique blush tone adds a hint of romanticism to an already gorgeous favorite.

Vintage Wedding Band with Milgrain Detail

Want something a little different? This Vintage Wedding Band with delicate beaded milgrain detail adds a touch of elegance to a stunning silhouette.

Classic Pave-Set Diamond Wedding Band in 14k Rose Gold

This Classic Pavé-Set Diamond Wedding Band in 14k Rose Gold holds 19 round diamonds, offering the best in elegance and radiance.

Diamond Cluster Wedding Band

If you love yellow gold, this Diamond Cluster Wedding Band is just the thing. We love the contemporary style elements paired with graduated diamonds for a modern look.

Round Diamond Band in 14k White Gold

Sometimes, bigger really is better. Especially when we’re talking about this Round Diamond Band in 14k White Gold. Eleven diamonds totaling to 1.11 carats make a splash with this sparkly stunner.

Vintage Round Diamond Wedding Band

Add a vintage flair with this Vintage Round Diamond Wedding Band in everlasting platinum. Gorgeous diamonds + milgrain details = the perfect ring, in our experienced, biased opinion.

Baguette and Round Diamond Contour Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold

With baguette diamonds currently trending, this Baguette and Round Diamond Contour Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold is a no-brainer.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published March 18, 2021 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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