Top 5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

As a proud dog mom of two, I couldn’t imagine not having them at my wedding, even if it was just for photos. If you’re as in love with your fur babies as I am, here are a few adorable ideas to incorporate them into your big day:

1. Include them before  your actual nuptials

Doubtful of your pups’ ability to stay well behaved on your wedding day? Include them in the pre-wedding activities. They’ll look so cute starring in your save-the-date cards or engagement photos.

2. Have them in your wedding party

A golden retriever of honor? Why not! Bonus: This gives you an excuse to dress your pet in extraordinarily cute wedding day outfits and accessories.

3. Give them a special job during your ceremony

If Fido is a perfect little gentleman, then by all means, give him a job during your ceremony! Flower girl escort and sign bearer are a couple of my favorite options.

4. Have a reminder of them at your reception

Even if your little buddies can’t be at your reception, you can have little touches that remind you of their place in your new family. After all, who doesn’t want a kitty wedding cake topper?

5. Get creative

Have a more unusual pet? No problem! We’ve seen hedgehogs and bunnies carried in a flower basket instead of a bouquet, horses who gave their mom and dad a ride down the aisle, and parrots who were the cutest photo booth buddies ever.

No matter what type of pet you have, we guarantee that with a little creative thinking you can find a way to involve them in your special day.

Was your pet part of your wedding? COMMENT below!

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