4 Reasons Why We’re Your Friend in the Jewelry Business

Tom and Rordan Shane.

If you know anything about Shane Co., you probably know that we call ourselves your friend in the jewelry business. But what does that really mean? And how does it affect your decision to shop with us? There are many ways in which we strive to treat our customers like family — here’s a little taste of why we do what we do.

1. Dedicated staff

Jeweler working on ring.

From our committed team working behind the scenes to beautify our stores, to the employees interacting with you on social media and through our website, to our talented designers taking influence from around the world to create new and exciting designs, to the very salespeople that are the heartbeat of our business — the staff at Shane Co. has made it their mission to help you along in your journey.

We want to be present for the big and little moments in your life. From your first purchase to the giant milestones like getting engaged, celebrating anniversaries, graduations and more, we offer jewelry that can truly mark the moment. Our staff is noncommission and no-pressure, which means their only intention is to ensure you’re getting the best experience possible, no matter what you’re looking for.

Every purchase — big or small — is significant to us, because it symbolizes another step in our role as your lifetime jeweler. In addition to our in-store sales staff, our online sales associates are here to help you navigate the website and receive your jewelry on time, exactly how you pictured it.

Customer reviews

Our customers seem to recognize the thoughtfulness of our staff and speak to it often in reviews. Here’s just one example of a typical experience at a Shane Co. store:

“Every experience I have ever had at this store has been pleasant. Regardless of whether I’ve made a purchase, come in for jewelry cleaning or just browsed for ideas, every staff member has been pleasant and very helpful. I have and will continue to recommend Shane Co. to anyone I know who is looking for any kind of jewelry.” – Kenny B.

2. Warranty and perks

Replacing the center stone in a pendant.

Because we hope that all of our customers will consider us their jeweler for life, we offer the best Free Lifetime Warranty in the industry. This includes regular clean-and-checks, repairs and maintenance — even on the center stone of your ring. You can even mail your jewelry in to be cleaned if you’ve moved away from or don’t have time to get to your nearest Shane Co. store.

In addition to our warranty, we offer free 2-day shipping on all U.S. online orders, as well as a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We don’t just want you to be happy with your jewelry, we want you to be ecstatic. We want you to be confident that you made the right choice by shopping at Shane Co. If you’re worried about still being in love with your purchase in the future, our upgrade policy allows you to receive full value on the stone or setting of your purchase to be used as credit toward an upgrade of your choosing.

Customer reviews

Here’s one customer’s opinion of our comprehensive update policy:

“For the last 21 years my husband has been upgrading the diamond on my ring and at no point in time did it ever drop in value; it actually increased in value. This year is our 20th anniversary, so my wonderful husband upgraded my diamond once again, with such amazing help from day one. Thank you, Shane Co.!” – Denise M.

3. Quality standards

Tom Shane looking at sapphires.

Our warranty isn’t the only thing meant to last a lifetime — our jewelry is actually built and designed to withstand the test of time. Our diamonds, sapphires and rubies are all-natural, so your investment doesn’t depreciate or lose its value, as it would with lab-created stones. We hand-pick our gems for superior quality, looking for the prettiest stones within each grade. We even offer a subjectivity kit in our stores so you can see for yourself how a Shane Co. diamond in the same grade as another jeweler’s diamond sparkles more brilliantly.

We hand-match earrings and other pieces before mounting so your jewelry is perfectly symmetrical. We also have more gold in every ring for a durable, long-lasting design that never sacrifices style and elegance.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t mean that our prices aren’t reasonable. In fact, as a direct diamond importer, we’re able to offer our customers the best value for their budget. We don’t offer sales or promotions because we set our prices at the lowest we can offer every day. We aren’t a one-time purchase — we’re in it for life.

Customer reviews

The care and thought we put into our products hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I’ve been to a few other places and this one takes the cake. Lifetime warranty, free checkups/cleaning, and diamond replacement if it falls off is where you win. Prices are great and the stuff I bought here holds value. I like ’em! Best bang for your buck. I know there’s something out there that might be cheaper, but you won’t get the care this place offers. Hey, when it’s good it’s good!” – Oscar N.

4. Family-owned and operated

Our lifetime commitment to our customers is reflected strongly in our history. The Shane family has owned and operated Shane Co. for four generations, passing the business down throughout history. Our reputation as diamond importers and jewelers precedes us — it’s one of the reasons why we get the first pick of all newly cut stones. We work with reputable, ethical stone sourcers and cutters whom we’ve been associated with for years. The culture of respect, tradition and acceptance at Shane Co. is something we’re uniquely proud of — and why we’re so happy to call ourselves your friend in the jewelry business.

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