Every State Depicted by Artificial Intelligence

header image for ‘Artificial Intelligence Recreates Every U.S. State’
header image for ‘Artificial Intelligence Recreates Every U.S. State’

Every U.S. state is known for something. Whether it’s the sports teams they root for, the iconic landmarks within, or the foods they can’t get enough of, each state has its own characteristics that set it apart from the rest. With that in mind, we wanted to pay tribute to all of the interesting facets of the 50 U.S. states and DC that make them unique. If there was one image to represent each state, what would it look like? Your depiction might be pretty good, but how well can artificial intelligence do? 

Using keywords that define each state, we turned to AI technology to create a single image to capture every state. The list of keywords was compiled from Reddit users in each state. Keep reading to see if you can guess which state is which!


We first asked Reddit users in all 50 states and DC to describe their home state using a few keywords. What is the first thing you think of when you picture your state? What is your state known for? How would you describe it to someone not from there? From there, we pulled the most commonly used keywords and put them into our artificial intelligence prompt. We used Craiyon to create each image. This research was performed in October 2022. 

The Northeast

To start, let’s dive into the region that’s known for its brutal winters and the founding of the nation, the Northeast. These images represent many similar trends: big cities, fall foliage, and unbeatable scenery. If you look carefully, you’ll see an iconic NFL team whose fans span the nation. You’ll also find one of the country’s most prestigious universities with an acceptance rate below 5%. 

The South

Advancing to the area best known for its hospitality, the South has no shortage of iconic symbols to bring its states to life. For example, this region is home to one of the world’s best-known mice, the most popular caffeinated soft drink, and a deep-rooted love for college athletics (both basketball and football). 

The Midwest

The South isn’t the only region that loves sports. If you scroll through the Midwest’s images, you’ll find representations of both cheese-loving football fans and corn-eating race car enthusiasts. You’ll also see a few frigid conditions, which should come as no surprise to any Midwestern residents, as each state’s record low temperature is below -30°F! Pack a jacket if you plan to visit these states any time soon.

The West

Rounding out the regions, this set of states lies in the Wild Wild West of America. While you’ll find snow in parts of this region, you’ll also find deserts and heat waves in others. From big cities to quaint towns, everything is represented in this section of the states. Hint: this section also includes the two states detached from the mainland.

The Complete Grid

Now for the big reveal, keep scrolling to see all 50 U.S. states and DC side by side. 

 Closing Thoughts

That wraps up our experiment to see if artificial intelligence can truly capture every state’s unique characteristics. Were you able to guess most of the states? Let us know in the comments below! 
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