The Most Popular Seasonal Candies Around the U.S.

Featured image for the most popular seasonal candy in every U.S. state
Featured image for the most popular seasonal candy in every U.S. state

When the temperatures change and the seasonal decor hits the retail shelves, many of us crave those tasty seasonal treats that remind us of childhood and the cozy comforts of home. But have you ever wondered what your fellow Americans reach for to satisfy their seasonal sugar cravings? 

Whether it’s the Halloween cult-favorite candy corn, classic Christmas candy canes, or iconic Valentine’s Day chocolate, festive candy choices are never in short supply in the U.S., and each tasty treat has its own unique regional popularity.

We’ve scoured the nation to find out which treats reign supreme in each state, and let’s just say the results are … well, they’re pretty sweet! So grab your favorite seasonal confection, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of regional candy preferences. Who knows, you might even discover a new favorite!

The Most Popular Seasonal Candy in Every U.S. State

U.S. map showing the most popular seasonal candy in every U.S. state

Who says candy is just for kids? As you can see, each U.S. state has its own favorite seasonal sweet treat that people of all ages go crazy for!

Overall, while maybe a little controversial, candy corn dominates the nation as the most popular seasonal candy in 13 states. Whether you love it or love to hate it, it’s clear that this trick-or-treating essential is here to stay (at least for the month of October, anyway).

Thanks to the North Chicago Jelly Belly Factory, the Easter Bunny always has a steady supply of jelly beans for the Easter holiday. That’s a good thing because, for Illinoisans, these tasty little morsels are the quintessential seasonal candy. From buttered popcorn to black pepper (from Jelly Belly’s Harry Potter-themed Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans line), there’s a flavor for everyone, so we can see why these classic treats are all the rage in the Land of Lincoln!

But not all states prefer sugary confections associated with Easter. Chocolate roses are a highly regarded Valentine’s Day favorite in New Jersey. Notably, the Garden State is also home to the U.S. headquarters for Cadbury — a leading producer of the tasty treat.

Speaking of classics, New Yorkers favor Valentine’s Day chocolate. We doubt it’s a coincidence that Godiva Gourmet Chocolates is headquartered in New York City. Godiva offers an incredible variety of delicious chocolates, from classic milk chocolate to tangy dark chocolate raspberry, so it’s no surprise that New Yorkers place Valentine’s Day chocolates on a pedestal above all other seasonal treats.

Peep this: Pennsylvanians go crazy for marshmallow Peeps during the Easter season. That might just have something to do with the candy’s origin in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These cute, sugary little treats come in every color of the rainbow and are an absolute must-have for any Easter basket in the Keystone State.

Did you know Texas is the fourth leading state in pumpkin production nationwide? Maybe that’s why Mellowcreme Pumpkins are so popular with folks in the Lone Star State. The festive marshmallow-flavored pumpkin-shaped treats are a Halloween favorite guaranteed to dominate trick-or-treat bags across Texas every October.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what state you’re from, the data makes one thing clear: when it comes to seasonal sweets, we all have a sweet spot! Whether you’re partial to candy corn, jelly beans, chocolate, or something else entirely, we can all agree that there’s something special about indulging in a seasonal treat.

Come holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there’s only one gift that tops festive candy. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store when you shop the stunning jewelry at Shane Co. So add some extra sparkle to your holiday season and celebrate in style. After all, everyone loves a sweet surprise!


In order to uncover the most popular seasonal candy in every U.S. state, we turned to Google Trends search volume over the past 18 years (January 2004 to November 2022). Using sites like Cracked and Epicurious, we compiled a list of 20 iconic seasonal candies that only hit the shelves around their associated holiday. From there, we compared the search interest of each item in every state to determine which treat residents of each state are craving the most. 

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