Every U.S. State’s Favorite Type of Bread

A header image for a blog about bread popularity in the U.S.
A header image for a blog about bread popularity in the U.S.

Appetizers, side dishes, bases of an entire meal. The variety of ways we have discovered to make bread is nothing short of miraculous. From baguettes to ciabatta to hot dog buns, the right type of bread can elevate any meal and leave a satisfied smile on your face.

At Shane Co. we know that just like building a lasting relationship, baking bread takes time and attention. That’s why we decided to pay homage to all the bread types out there by doing some research to determine the most popular types of bread around the U.S. Read on to find out your state’s favorite type of bread!

The Most Popular Type of Bread in Every U.S. State

A U.S. map showing the most popular type of bread in every state

Once we collected the data and mapped out bread type popularity from sea to shining sea, we noticed some interesting regional trends. For example, tortillas (originally from Mesoamerica) are the most popular type of bread in two states that border the region, Arizona and New Mexico, as well as Wyoming.

Another great example of regional variation in our data is the popularity of cornbread in the Southern U.S. It’s the most popular type of bread in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. While some like it sweet, and others savory, it is certainly a staple of the region’s cuisine

Potato bread, a type of bread that’s especially popular in the mid-Atlantic, is the most popular in both Maryland and Virginia, while pan dulce, a general name for a variety of Mexican pastries translating to “sweet bread” in English, is most popular in California and Texas.

Now that we’ve gotten a better idea of how bread preferences shift regionally across the country, let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of bread overall.

The Most Popular Types of Bread Overall

A graphic showing the most popular types of bread overall

The most popular type of bread, according to our study, is sprouted bread. It’s the most commonly searched bread type in four states — Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. Sprouted breads are considered a healthier alternative to white flour or whole grain flour breads, and are often chosen by those with mild gluten sensitivities. As Americans become more conscious of their dietary restrictions, it’s no surprise to see sprouted bread at the top of the popularity ranking.

After sprouted bread, there were several bread types that tied for second place in overall popularity, including ciabatta and baguettes. Ciabatta, a white bread created by a baker in Adria, Italy, in 1982, is the most popular type of bread in Maine, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Baguettes, a long, thin type of bread originally from France, is the most popular in Louisiana, Kansas, and Washington, D.C. Perhaps the French connection is what makes it so popular in the Bayou State.

The age-old wheat bread vs. white bread debate rages on across parts of the country, as both are most popular in two states each. Residents in Idaho and Georgia prefer the former, while those in Montana and West Virginia opt for the latter.

Carb Obsession Across the U.S.

To round out our study on bread popularity, we took a final look at the data to determine the most carb-obsessed states overall: those that have been searching for each type of bread in our list the most. We scored each state on their bread searches from 0 to 100, with a score closer to 100 meaning they are more carb-obsessed.

And the results are in. Vermont is the most carb-obsessed state in the U.S., with banana bread coming out on top as their most popular type of bread. Surprisingly, banana bread is the most popular type of bread in only one other state — Colorado.

It isn’t just Vermont that is carb-obsessed. Based on our data, it seems that the entire Northeast is a hotbed for bread searches, with parts of the Pacific Northwest also particularly interested in the topic. Oregon, for example, is the second most carb-obsessed state with a search interest score of 80.76 out of 100. People in Oregon search for croutons above all other types of bread. This could be due to the large vegan population in the area searching for ways to make their salads a little more substantial.

Oregon’s neighbor, Washington, was the third most carb-obsessed state with a search score of 74.23 out of 100. Washingtonians’ favorite bread to search for is naan, a bread commonly found in Asian cuisines. 

Two more Northeastern states round out our top five. Maine came in fourth with a search interest score of 73.83 out of 100, and New York finished fifth with a score of 68.11 out of 100. Maine’s top-searched type of bread is ciabatta while New York’s is bialy, a Polish bread roll.


To determine the most popular type of bread in every state, we analyzed Google Trends search data from August 2021 to August 2022 for 45 popular bread types. The search terms list was created using lists of popular types of bread from websites like Parade, Lacademie, and Facts.net. For this study, we used search interest to represent regional bread popularity.

Closing Thoughts

Our results make it clear that regional cuisines are shaped by years of cultural traditions being shared in a given area, and types of bread are big parts of those cuisines. The next time you’re visiting a new place for the first time, make sure to give the local flavors a taste. They won’t disappoint.

Some people may even want to take a shot at making some of these types of bread themselves. Just remember as you begin, baking bread and relationships are very similar. It rises and falls, and takes a great deal of patience, but when treated properly can become a great source of comfort in your life.
When you’ve been through the rises and falls enough to know you’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, make sure the question is asked the right way and with the right engagement ring. Browse Shane Co.’s selection today to find the perfect one.

Featured on Today Show – Friday 1/13/2023

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You need to tell the Today Show to credit you with this research and map. They had a story about it this morning but never linked to the map or your story. I thought it was really interesting and wanted to get more information and had to hunt for it on my own. Great article!

Thanks for taking the time to find us! We’re glad you liked the topic!

Last edited 1 year ago by Aaron Cohrs

Florida’s favorite bread is sprouted bread? Really? It is Cuban Bread. And most Cuban Bread in the US comes from one bakery – La Segunda Bakery in Tampa.

Chapati bread for Delaware? It’s hard to find a decent Indian restaurant here. I assure you most Delawareans do not even know what Chapati bread is! This is too funny!

North Carolina = hotdog buns? Sorry, but it is biscuits.

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