Each State’s Favorite Type of Cookie

A header image of cookies
A header image of cookies

A wise Muppet once said, “C is for cookies — that’s good enough for me.” However, Cookie Monster isn’t the only hungry one ready to gobble down some cookies (Om Nom Nom). It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor with options like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, and sugar cookies. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Grandma’s cookies, bakery cookies, or store-bought — everyone has their cookie weaknesses! 

Here at Shane Co., we value love, and what has more love than cookies? With recipes passed down for generations, each bite can feel like home. That’s why we wanted to find out each state’s favorite cookie. 


To determine which cookie each state searches for the most, we gathered 33 search keywords from sites like Ediblearrangements.com, Parade.com, and Purewow.com and analyzed the volume of those terms on Google Trends from July 2021 to July 2022. 

The Most Popular Cookie in Every U.S. State

U.S map showing each state's most searched cookie

Cookies have been around for centuries — that’s why our great-great-great-grandma’s recipes are still being served. The classics are great; however, there are so many new flavors that have different states drooling over them!

Have you ever heard of an icebox cookie? Wisconsin has! This style of cookie chills the dough in the refrigerator — hence the name “icebox” — before baking. Another delicious cookie with chilled dough is the snowball cookie, which is most popular in the Northern states, including Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wyoming. Snowball cookies are pecan-filled with powdered sugar coating and resemble snowballs, although they are far too delicious to be thrown around!

As much as we enjoy traditional cookies like Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies or, as Phoebe from Friends might say, “Neslée Toulouse,” Vermont is the only state that favors chocolate chip cookies! It’s hard to beat a classic chocolate chip; however, Utah enjoys a minty twist, with mint chocolate chip ranking as the most popular.

A wide variety of delicious sweet treats reigned supreme in one state exclusively, including Iowa with drop cookies, New Jersey enjoying Linzer cookies, and North Dakota hungry for crinkle cookies. These are all great delicacies to bake for a gathering around the holidays. 

The Most Popular Cookie in Every U.S. Region

Graph showing the most popular regional cookies

Temperatures in the Midwest may get exceedingly chilly and, like Buddy the Elf, locals may have engaged in a few snowball fights. This might be the reason snowball cookies are the most popular cookie in the Midwest, not only because they are delicious, but because they may also evoke some childhood memories associated with home.

Northerners love dunkin’ things in coffee — and not just their donuts. Biscotti are hard Italian cookies designed to be dunked into coffee and are most loved in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Macaroons are another popular Italian cookie containing shredded coconut stirred into whipped egg whites and sugar. These cookies are the most popular in Delaware, Maine, and Massachusetts.

The Southern states are known for baking some delicious homemade cookies, and what is more fitting than a butter pecan cookie? Butter pecan cookies are typically served around the holidays and bring joy on any occasion. 

Snickerdoodles, Mexican wedding cookies, and macarons are Western favorites. Despite having similar names — macarons and macaroons — these are two very different cookies; macarons are famous for their delicate and colorful appearance. These vibrant, picture-worthy treats are especially popular in California, the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Nevada, and New York. Another widely consumed Western treat is the Mexican wedding cookie, a fluffy, sugar-coated cookie that is most popular in Arizona, Indiana, and New Mexico. Lastly, the classic and beloved snickerdoodle cookie is favored in Oregon and Washington.

The Most Popular Cookie Overall

A list of the most popular cookies overall

The most popular cookie is a Southern favorite, the butter pecan cookie, and is most loved in six states — Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The other favorites that have America whisking they were eating right now include macarons, biscotti, and snowball cookies. 

You can’t go wrong with these sweets, whether you like a nice crunch, a gooey half-baked, or just cookie dough (no judgment). However, cookies known for their soft texture, such as sugar, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia nut, and snickerdoodle cookies, only placed well in two states. Many classic chewy cookies are rated lower than the more distinctive textures, such as biscotti, macaroons, macarons, and fudge-stripe cookies. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Closing Thoughts

Cookies have been around for centuries, representing different countries and cultures. Here at Shane Co., we value family traditions, and one great way to keep these cherished customs alive is by passing down family recipes. Whether the recipe has been passed down for generations or made from a bakery, cookies are the perfect dessert to serve at weddings. 

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