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Diamonds have a long history when it comes to jewelry, with known origins dating back to India in 2500 B.C.E. or before. Through ancient travel routes, diamonds found their way across the world and became popular among European royals by the 1400s. Today, both natural and lab-grown diamonds are extremely popular for both engagement rings and fashionable jewelry. The hardness of the stone makes them a great choice for daily wear, and they symbolize both beauty and strength.

Shane Co. offers diamond jewelry ranging from engagement rings to studs. If you’re shopping for April birthstone jewelry, explore our wide selection of diamond jewelry set in various metal types. We have many styles to choose from including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Shop classic diamond tennis bracelets, hoop earrings with diamond accents, unique designs, and more.

Diamond jewelry is a good choice whether you’re shopping for your birthstone, shopping for something special, or buying a gift. Diamonds are durable and, with proper care, last a long time and can even be passed down as heirlooms. Diamonds pair well with metals like 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, sterling silver, and more. Find diamond jewelry that speaks to your style, and you’ll cherish it for years to come.

Diamond Jewelry FAQs

  • What Is Diamond Fashion Jewelry?

    Diamond fashion jewelry is made to be a stylish addition to any outfit. Fine diamonds can be worn day or night and are the perfect accessory. Fashion diamond jewelry adds a classic sparkle and a sense of classic glamour to any casual or formal look.

  • Does Fashion Diamond Jewelry Make a Good Gift?

    Fashion diamond jewelry makes the perfect gift for any loved one. A fashion diamond necklace is a popular choice and meaningful gift for friends, children, a significant other or even yourself. Fine diamond rings are normally gifted to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary. Fine diamond fashion jewelry is also a great gift for the holidays since diamonds are loved universally.

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