December Birthstone Jewelry

Blue Topaz and Tanzanite | December Birthstone Jewelry

December’s birthstones are blue topaz and tanzanite, two beautiful blue stones. Blue topaz is believed by many to represent clarity. Tanzanite is known for similar properties and enhancing intuition. Topaz is named after an island in the Red Sea that was once known as Topazios, whereas Tanzanite gets its name from Tanzania, where it was first discovered.

Our selection of December birthstone jewelry features a range of styles set in various metal types. Shop classic round blue gemstones, or find unique shapes like hearts when shopping for blue topaz or tanzanite jewelry. These stones pair well with other blue gemstones, diamonds, or look great on their own.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, blue topaz rates and 8 a tanzanite rates a 6-7. Blue topaz can be worn often, and, with proper care, so can tanzanite. With any gemstone, it’s important to take care of your stone, avoid wearing it when facing harsh elements, and take it in for regular maintenance checks. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for someone with a December birthday or treating yourself, you can’t go with the gorgeous blue stones.

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