Our Passion for Gemstones

Loose Diamonds and Loose Colorful gemstones

One thing that sets Shane Co. apart from all the other jewelers is our passion for gemstones. This passion runs deep in our family history. Since 1929, we’ve searched the globe in pursuit of the most beautiful gemstones for our customers. We take pride in offering superior diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and colorful gemstones, so you’ll shine bright every day.

“Growing up in a family of jewelers, I remember looking at gemstones alongside my father. I learned to appreciate their unique beauty and developed an eye for evaluating diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. To this day, I’m still examining gemstones.”  
– Tom Shane, Owner

Superior Stones 

The Prettiest Diamonds

We’re highly selective when it comes to diamonds. We travel overseas and only buy from ethical and reputable sources. These are families we know well and trust because we’ve been working with many of them for four generations. At Shane Co. you can feel confident your diamond is ethically sourced and conflict-free.

“Our rigorous evaluation process guarantees that your Shane Co. diamond has maximum sparkle and spectacular brilliance, whatever grade you choose.”
– Tom Shane, Owner

To ensure our diamonds have spectacular brilliance, our diamond experts examine each one and only buy the prettiest ones from within each grade. For optimal light performance, our diamonds are cut by the best diamond cutters. We follow the same high standards when selecting and cutting lab-grown diamonds.

“I love how unique the ring is. You don’t see anyone wear a ring like this! … The diamonds sparkle at every angle you look at it.”

– Cam I.
“At Shane Co. we have stones in all the popular shapes, like round, oval, and princess cut, as well as less common shapes, like marquises, pear shapes, and heart shapes.”
– Tom Shane, Owner

With an incredible selection of diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’ll be easy to find the perfect diamond for you.

The Most Vibrant Sapphires and Rubies

Throughout the year, owner Tom Shane travels to Bangkok, the gemstone capital of the world, to personally hand-select the most beautiful sapphires and rubies for Shane Co. After choosing the highest-quality stones, he then oversees the cutting of each stone to maximize its inherent beauty.

“I never select stones on a cloudy day. Only with natural sunlight can I accurately evaluate the color and the stone’s brilliance.”
– Tom Shane, Owner

Shane Co. has a reputation for the most beautiful sapphires and rubies in town and the largest selection in all shapes and sizes. We offer a rainbow of sapphire colors, including rare colors you won’t find anywhere else.

“Absolute show stopper!! The color of the blue sapphires is the most amazing blue and no one can compete with that. The ring is solid and stands up to my heavy hand use without any issues. This is by far my favorite piece of jewelry I have ever owned.”

– Deborah B.

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with both the representative service and the product!”

– Steve S.

The Leader in Colorful Gemstones

From luminous London blue topaz to majestic emerald to opal with its mesmerizing play of light, we offer the widest selection of colorful gemstone jewelry. Each stone is coveted for its unique properties and historical significance.

“Beautiful! Every turn captures a different color. It’s vibrant, but subtle. Gorgeous!”

– Lindsey M.

“My fiancé surprised me with it during his proposal and I couldn’t be happier. The stone is a peachy pink color and it absolutely sparkles. I’ve gotten so many compliments.”

– Kendra A.

Personalized Jewelry

With our amazing selection of sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones, you can easily build your dream engagement ring or create a personalized piece of jewelry with the gemstone of your choice.

A gift with a birthstone is a popular choice because it’s a reminder that your loved one was born to be celebrated. We have gorgeous birthstone jewelry for each month of the year.

“It’s the most exquisite piece I’ve ever ordered!!”

– Robert B.

An Unparalleled Warranty

Our fine jewelry is created with extreme attention to detail. Because of our superior craftsmanship and unique styles designed in-house, we’re able to offer you an unparalleled warranty. The Shane Co. warranty is free, for life, and even covers your center stone. No other jeweler offers this level of protection.

“Everything we do, we do for you, from our welcoming team to our direct importing to our lifetime warranty. After all, that’s what a friend would do.”
– Tom Shane, Owner
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