Following in Dad’s Footsteps

In addition to his role as company president and brand-new radio talent, Rordan Shane is most importantly a father. With three sons between the ages of 18 months and five years old, Rordan cherishes his time as a dad.

This Father’s Day, we sat down with Rordan and dove into his life as a dad. From wrestling matches to bedtime stories, Rordan tells us his favorite parts of raising a family.

Q: Describe your emotions when you first realized you were going to be a dad.

A: I was really excited, nervous and curious about what it was going to be like. You know it’s going to be life-altering. You know it’s going to be crazy, and it’s going to be fun. Many aspects will be tough, no doubt. But overall, immediately I was temporarily overwhelmed and then anxious, and then once again, excited for the life experience. 

Q: What is the most challenging part of being a father?

A: Finding all the time to spend with the kids is hard. There is also a fine line between being your kid’s friend while still being their parent and being able to set boundaries. I think that with me, I struggled with the infancy stage as well. I’m a very hands-on parent and I want to be there for every changing and the feeding, but trying to balance that with my professional life was tough for me emotionally, especially as this stage goes so quickly.

Q: Being the president of a company is not easy. How do you balance that with being a dad?

A: I make my schedule around their schedule. I wake up before they do, help them get ready for the day, and we have breakfast together every single morning. I don’t come into the office until I’ve taken the boys to school or have otherwise had some quality time with them each morning. At the end of the day, I always try my hardest to be home for dinner. Their schedule comes first. Family time is precious.

Q: What is the most rewarding?

A: Overall, it’s the feeling of love between the kids and me. To me, it’s different from the feeling you have with a spouse, friend or your own parents. It’s simply a different type of relationship. I also love teaching them and showing them something new. For example, I take a lot of pride in introducing them to new foods and traveling. When my four-year-old (then three) wanted to try “exotic” guacamole made with ants, grasshoppers and worms in Mexico, it was rewarding to see him challenge me to try something I otherwise might not have … and yes, we both ate it and enjoyed it!

Q: What core values has your father taught you that you hope to instill in your children?

A: There are several that I’ve carried with me throughout business and life — honesty, integrity and being transparent. There is a humility through action that needs to be taught, as well as the need just to have fun. I hope to make those values stick with my kids throughout their lives.

Q: What advice do you remember most (even still follow to this day) from your father?

A: My dad would tell me that there are times that an ostrich will stick its head in the sand, but when it does there’s another part that sticks out even more. It’s important not to hide from things and be honest. The situation may not always be great, but you can’t only talk about the good things and ignore the bad. Dad always says that he has to look in the mirror to shave every morning, and he has to like what he sees looking back at him. That has always stuck with me.

Q: If you had to give a new dad some fatherly advice, what would you say?

A: Don’t wish away certain ages or take any amount of time for granted. Time moves fast, so be conscious and live in the moment. It’s also important for every couple or person to parent the way they want. There is not a right way to be a good mom or dad, and you only restrict you.

Q: What is your favorite Father’s Day memory so far?

A: Last year, I told my wife that what I’d really love would be to sleep in and relax in the morning. Instead, I ended up waking up early because I felt left out and didn’t want to miss anything. I wanted to make sure I was there. Another year, my boys handmade me a gift that I will keep forever. Those things mean the most.

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