Customizing Your Engagement Ring: What Is a Hidden Halo?

Collection of rings with halos and hidden halos.

It’s no secret that halos have become one of the most popular styles of engagement rings in recent years — and for good reason! Who doesn’t love a ring of diamonds surrounding their center stone? Halos can create a unique look, add a pop of color or sparkle, and even have the effect of creating a bigger-looking center stone. But have you ever heard of the hidden halo? This secret version of the popular style is available at Shane Co. in a variety of styles, and it’s the perfect way to add special, sparkling detail to an already gorgeous engagement ring.

What is a hidden halo?

A hidden halo is a type of engagement ring setting where the actual “halo” of diamonds sits beneath the center stone. This usually creates the effect of keeping the center stone most visible when the ring is viewed from atop, but shows the full halo completely when viewed from the side. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants a little extra detail on their ring, but doesn’t want to distract from the natural beauty of the center stone.

Three rings with halos or hidden halos.

Why choose a hidden halo?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to choose a hidden halo for your engagement ring.

Makes your diamond look larger. Much like traditional halo engagement rings, hidden halos can still make your center stone appear bigger by tricking the eye into viewing the extra bit of sparkle as part of your center diamond.

Customized, understated charm. Unlike traditional halos, which can sometimes take away from the overall silhouette of your ring, hidden halos manage to add something special to your ring without being too overt or drastically changing the shape of your setting.

Works with any diamond shape. Because hidden halos don’t actually surround the top of the diamond, you can find these settings to pair with any shape and size of stone. So whether you love the look of an oval diamond or have your heart set on a round blue sapphire, there’s a hidden halo for you!

Comes in a variety of styles. As with many engagement ring settings, hidden halos vary in style, shape, and color, so you can find one that perfectly fits your vision.

Our favorites

Shane Co. has a wide selection of halos to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites!

Classic Diamond Halo Decorative Crown

Double Hidden Halo Diamond Decorative Crown

Floral Halo with Milgrain Decorative Crown

Hidden Heart with Milgrain Detail Decorative Crown

Shop all of our hidden halos and other decorative crowns here.

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