Swirling with Love: Infinity Engagement Rings

The infinity symbol is everywhere these days. Seen frequently in jewelry or tattoos, it represents love, life, strength, courage and hope. I’ve also seen it used to represent karma in the sense that “what goes around comes back around.” When I see the infinity symbol, I think of boundless, unconditional love. The image of a loop that has no end is such a wonderful way to represent your everlasting love.

When shopping around for an engagement ring, many couples are looking for something that expresses not only their personal style, but also makes a statement about their love for each other. What better way to make that statement than to have the infinity symbol as a part of the theme of your ring? That way every time you see it, you will be reminded of your commitment to each other and your eternal love.

Here at Shane Co., we have an entire collection of engagement rings and wedding bands that focus on the infinity symbol. I absolutely love to show this collection to my guests because I am so proud of the craftsmanship and thought that goes into creating each and every ring. Seeing the smile on someone’s face when she tries on one of these rings is what motivates me to show the collection to everyone!

July Social Images_Blog_Infinity-41071350There are several other wonderful features of these rings. First of all, they are available in a variety of styles. Whether she prefers something with a simple band or has her heart set on a center halo, there is a ring in this collection for her. The rings also come in a variety of colors: white, rose and yellow gold, and even two-tone! I love mixing metals, so those rings are particularly appealing to me!

July Social Images_Blog_Infinity-41071261The infinity symbol adds width and dimension to the setting without making it bulky or taking attention away from the center gemstone. We also carry a halo-style ring with an infinity band, which accommodates different shapes for her center gemstone. My favorite ring in the collection has an oval-shaped halo around the center.

July Social Images_Blog_Infinity-41058502We also carry wedding bands with the infinity symbol. This means that couples looking to add a band for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion can wear an infinity band in addition to their wedding set, or even as a right hand ring. There are two of these on my Wish List right now. I may even get them both and stack them on top of each other, since stackable rings are trending!

With so much variety, our infinity rings are definitely worth checking out. You may be surprised by how Shane Co. has taken the very trendy infinity symbol and turned it into a timeless, classic collection that will represent your love forever. Happy shopping!

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