6 Dreamy Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Woman wearing halo engagement ring

With the romance of Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may be ready to pop the question to your favorite person. Check out these romantic proposal ideas for inspiration!

1. Give a clue

A romantic scavenger hunt will lead your honey to the ultimate surprise: a new fiancé! Start with a box of Valentine’s Day cards, then leave a clue on each one. When Valentine’s Day comes around, tell your partner to follow the trail of cards. The hunt can take them to your first date spot, their favorite coffee place, or simply lead them to different corners around your home. Just make sure the last card leads them to you, where you’ll be waiting on one knee.

2. A heart-shaped box

Use classic candy conversation hearts or chocolate hearts to leave a trail of sweets for your sweetie. When they get to the end, present them with a heart-shaped box with their dream engagement ring inside.

3. Tune in to love

If your significant other listens to the same radio station every morning, call in and ask if you can do an on-air proposal! They’ll be shocked to hear their name, but even more surprised when it’s followed by, “Will you marry me?”

4. Skiing in style

Thinking of taking advantage of the winter wonderland this February? Plan a special ski trip with your love, then pop the question on the lift as you sail over a gorgeous snowcapped landscape. For extra points, have your friends or even a photographer sit in front of you so they can snap photos of the special moment.

5. Wine and dine

There are few people who would say no to a candlelit Valentine’s Day dinner. Keep it simple and propose at the end of an amazing meal — however, we recommend not putting the ring into their champagne or dessert. You don’t want to risk a chipped tooth or lost ring!

6. The pre-trip surprise

Plan a special getaway for you and your future fiancé. Then, instead of waiting until the actual trip to propose (which they might be expecting), mention that you “almost forgot” something before leaving for the airport. After fumbling with your bag, return with the ring — now, your vacation is truly a celebration!

For more creative proposal ideas, check back on The Loupe. You can also shop for the perfect engagement rings on ShaneCo.com.

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