When Not to Wear Your Wedding Rings This Summer

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love and eternal bond, so it’s only natural to want to wear them all the time. However, to keep your rings sparkling, we recommend that you avoid wearing them during these summer activities:

Beach outings

Sun, sand and salt water are good for the soul, but harsh on your rings. Taking your rings off before hitting the beach is the best way to avoid damaging them or, worse, losing them in the ocean.


Summertime cookouts are a great way to spend time with family and friends, but before making the burgers, take a moment to set your rings aside. Grease and food residue can get stuck in your rings while preparing food, which will dull their sparkle and shine.

Putting on sunscreen

Great weather means more outside activities, and more sunscreen to collect in your wedding set! Before applying sunscreen, take a moment to set your rings aside so they don’t get saturated with any sort of residue or buildup. This will ensure your rings twinkle brightly all summer long.

Home projects

Summer is a great opportunity to get caught up on the home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to complete. However, before painting the living room or cleaning the gutters, make sure to remove your rings. Paint and other debris can get lodged in your rings and can be difficult to remove.

Hitting the pool

Who doesn’t love a summertime dip in the pool? After you break out your new bathing suit, make sure to take your rings off before getting in the pool or hot tub. Chlorine and other strong chemicals can be detrimental to your wedding rings, especially if they are white gold.

Follow all these suggestions and you’ll be sure to keep your Shane Co. rings shining this summer! Also, don’t forget that you can bring your rings into your local Shane Co. for a FREE cleaning.

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