Peridot – August Birthstone

It’s almost August, and that means it’s time for another deep dive on this month’s birthstone. Luckily for us, that means exploring the birthstone for August, beautiful green peridot – its history, meaning and all of our favorite styles to gift for August babies.

What is the August birthstone?

Emerald shaped Peridot and Diamond necklace and matching earrings.

While August actually has a few stones associated with it, the most popular August birthstone is peridot. This bright green gem forms deep inside the earth’s mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanoes, sometimes even being found in meteorites. Unlike many other gemstones, its color comes from the composition of the mineral itself, instead of impurities. For this reason, its shades can vary from bright lime green to brownish-green. The amount of iron present in the composition of the stone dictates the brightness of the gem’s color. Peridot is sometimes referred to as the “Evening Emerald” because its green hue looks beautiful any time of day.

With a 6.5-7 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness, raw peridot can be prone to cracking; however, the finished gemstone is easy to wear and quite strong.

History of peridot

Pliny the Elder was an ancient naturalist living during the years 23-79 A.D. He first recorded the existence of the stone on a small island off the coast of Egypt. These early gemstones came from deposits on a small volcanic island in the red sea called Topazios. For this reason, early peridot was sometimes confused with the gem topaz.

Ancient Egyptians called peridot the “gem of the sun” and believed it protected its wearers from terrors occurring during the night. After building in popularity among the Egyptians, peridot saw a revival in the 1990s when deposits producing very fine grades of the gem were discovered in Pakistan.

Today, peridot is mined across the world, including in the United States. Some of the places you can find this green gemstone include Arkansas, Arizona, Hawaii, Australia, Kenya, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more. In fact, at the turn of the 20th century, geologists were stumbling upon so many samples of peridot that they came up with a theory that beneath the earth’s core there was an “olivine layer” of rock. However, this theory is yet to be substantiated.

Cluster style peridot ring and matching necklace.

Did you know?

Peridot is extremely popular among British royals. King Edward VII declared it his favorite gemstone, while Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, favors a pair of peridot, blue topaz and diamond earrings.

Spiritual associations

Peridot has long been associated with certain spiritual meanings. Early Christians actually considered this stone sacred, and Catholic bishops today still wear peridot and amethyst rings to symbolize purity. In other cultures, it’s associated with harmony, good health, restful sleep, peacefulness and compassion, as well as believed to free the mind of envious thoughts.

Priests believed it was connected to nature and used goblets covered in the stone to speak with nature gods. In Hawaii, peridot once symbolized the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess of fire who controlled the flow of lava. Some believe the name for the stone is rooted in the Greek word “peridona,” meaning “giving plenty,” which is why it is often associated with generosity as well.

Did you know?

Some historians believe Cleopatra’s famed emerald collection may have actually been peridot. Throughout medieval times, the two gems were often mistaken for one another, especially before the awareness of peridot began to grow.

Peridot gifts

Peridot pendant necklace close-up.

Want to surprise your sweetie with the perfect gift featuring their birthstone color? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, Shane Co. makes it easy to find a peridot gift that fits every style and budget. Here are some of our favorites highlighting this sparkling green gem.


With the largest selection of high-quality peridot necklaces to choose from, finding the right gift has never been easier.

This Vintage Green Peridot and White Sapphire Pendant contains a beautiful vintage-inspired emerald cut center stone with 20 round white sapphires to bring out that extra sparkle. With a sterling silver box chain hanging at 20 inches, this necklace is a show-stopper for any August baby.

For a unique style, try this Vintage Checkerboard Cut Peridot Pendant. With an on-trend round checkerboard cut peridot in the middle, the filigree detailing and delicate 20-inch cable chain finish off a royally gorgeous piece.


Lean into classic style with Shane Co.’s timeless peridot rings.

Five lime green marquise stones create a beautiful shape in this Marquise Green Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver. Contemporary flair meets traditional design, making this the perfect piece to show off your August birthstone.

This Cushion Cut Peridot Ring in 14k Yellow Gold makes a bold cocktail ring for a fashionable completion to any outfit. The bezel-set checkerboard cushion cut peridot weighs in at approximately 2.93 carats, making it the focal point of a beautiful yellow gold ring.


Create the perfect set with these Vintage Green Peridot and White Sapphire Earrings. The two dangling octagon-shaped peridot stones create a beautiful vintage-style look along with 20 sparkling white sapphires.

Created with high-quality, hand-picked peridot gemstones weighing a little over 1.00 carat each, these sophisticated Vintage Green Peridot Dangle Earrings look beautiful with a matching necklace or on their own. Crafted with durable sterling silver, they’re the perfect gift to fit any budget.


Looking for a timeless design with an on-trend flair? This Vintage Green Peridot and White Sapphire Bracelet has 18 white sapphires and nine oval peridot gemstones, creating a sparkling and delicate look for any birthday girl’s wrist.

This Round Peridot and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet makes a beautiful gift for a piece that can be worn as a casual style or dressed up for a special occasion. The seven-inch sterling silver bangle is perfectly complemented by two round peridot gems.

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