Each U.S. State’s Favorite Frozen Cocktail

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Sitting by the pool, sipping on a frozen cocktail… Is there a better way to celebrate this summer? From daiquiris to piña coladas, there are a variety of frozen cocktails, and even more flavors to choose from! We surveyed Americans to determine their favorite icy beverage, and which is the most popular in each state.


To find out each U.S. state’s favorite frozen cocktail, the team at Shane Co. ran a nationwide survey for two weeks in May 2022. In this survey, we asked more than 3,000 Americans about their favorite frozen cocktails, how often they drink them, and more. Due to insufficient data, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming are not included in these findings.

Every State’s Favorite Frozen Cocktail

U.S. map showing every state’s favorite frozen cocktails

The most popular frozen cocktail in America is, unsurprisingly, the frozen margarita. On a hot summer day, this refreshing drink is preferred by 36 of the 44 states surveyed. It’s a risky cocktail to sip on as the frozen concoction can taste less strong than a margarita on the rocks — but don’t let it fool you. 

The piña colada is the second most popular frozen boozy beverage in the U.S. The pineapple-coconut-rum cocktail is a great drink when you want to feel like you are on island time! It is preferred in seven states, including Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, and is tied with a frozen margarita in North Carolina.

Only two states, Louisiana and South Carolina, chose a daiquiri as their preferred frozen cocktail. It has similar ingredients to a margarita, but instead of tequila, rum is added to the mixture. Maybe you will consider getting a daiquiri next time you order because you know what they say about tequila… 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR! This delicious frozen cocktail might just keep you on your feet.

Top Frozen Cocktail Flavors

Color-coded U.S. map showing the most popular frozen cocktail flavors by state

One thing all frozen cocktail drinkers have in common is a love for strawberry-flavored drinks! Strawberry is a favorite flavor among all of the surveyed states, ranking as either the first or second favorite option.

Lime is the second most popular flavor overall, and ranked in 29 states. Nothing pairs better with tequila than lime! Considering margaritas are the most popular frozen cocktail, it comes as no surprise that lime is highly ranked.

The next popular flavor is mango, which is popular in nine states and a first-choice flavor in New York and Ohio. Anyone down for a mango-flavored piña colada instead?

A close runner-up flavor is coconut, which is popular in seven states. Ironically, only three of the seven states that like piña coladas — Idaho, New Jersey, and North Carolina — chose coconut as a preferred flavor! Missouri, Oregon, Virginia, and Rhode Island round out the remaining states that like coconut-flavored beverages.

Nothing feels more tropical than a pineapple beverage! Pineapple-flavored cocktails are popular in five states, including Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Nevada. All states agree that the best frozen cocktail flavors are strawberry or pineapple

Frozen Cocktail Impacts on Americans

Pie charts displaying which frozen cocktail gives Americans the worst brain freeze and hangover

It doesn’t get much better than drinking a frozen cocktail on a hot day. However, there are a couple of things that can kill the mood: getting a brain freeze and having a hangover. 

Americans enjoy sipping on frozen margaritas the most, but it’s ranked the highest in its backlash, with 51% of respondents experiencing a brain freeze and 36% getting a hangover. As mentioned earlier, frozen margaritas can be a dangerous drink!

Which Do Americans Prefer?

Chart displaying Americans’ answers to a variety of “would you rather” style questions

What you are doing or where you are may both have an influence on your beverage selection. Drinking a piña colada poolside is the vibe, and 52% of respondents would agree, but drinking a daiquiri is certainly just as cool (48%). You really can’t go wrong with having a cocktail by the pool. 

Some individuals enjoy drinking cocktails and relaxing, while others look forward to summer barbecues. Surprisingly, 62% of respondents would rather give up frozen drinks this summer than hotdogs and hamburgers!

Whether you’re looking for your shaker or your blender, it’s always 5 o’clock in Margaritaville! No matter how sweet, savory, sour, or spicy you take your margarita, it is a great cocktail because it can be served in so many ways. However, only 38% of respondents prefer it served on the rocks. Serving it frozen is the way to go! 

How Americans Enjoy Their Frozen Cocktails

Donut charts showing Americans’ frozen cocktail preferences

11% of respondents feel they get more intoxicated when drinking a frozen cocktail. Maybe the alcohol helps to keep their bodies warm, because 56% of respondents say that the weather doesn’t matter when drinking a frozen cocktail, even if it is cold outside. However, 44% of respondents drink more frozen cocktails in the summer. 

Depending on the location, the price of a frozen cocktail varies, but 24% of respondents are willing to spend $11–$15 on a drink. However, this is definitely not the case for everyone. Some people may not want to spend over $10 on a drink, while some say they are willing to pay $50! To keep it affordable, you can even just make it at home, which 59% of respondents say they do.

Closing Thoughts

Shane Co. knows that everyone deserves a vacation, and what better way to spend it than with your partner in the summertime! Getaways are a great way to keep a relationship exciting. Whether you’re sitting poolside on your honeymoon or planning a couples’ escape, you can turn to Shane Co. for all of your jewelry needs! Planning a couples’ vacation or a getaway can be stressful, but looking forward to enjoying frozen cocktails and relaxing can make it all worthwhile.

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