The Most Popular Wedding Themes, According to Pinterest Data

title graphic for “The Most Popular Wedding Themes, According to Pinterest Data”
title graphic for “The Most Popular Wedding Themes, According to Pinterest Data”

“Bridgerton” weddings, boho weddings, punk rock weddings — all of the most popular wedding themes come to life on Pinterest boards, where hordes of design lovers and soon-to-be brides scroll, seeking inspiration for their upcoming nuptials. At Shane Co., we love a good party theme; thus, we did a deep dive into the world of Pinterest to uncover which wedding themes are the most popular on the platform.

To find out, we scraped 15,000 Pinterest boards across 45 of the most popular wedding themes, according to the bridal experts at Zola. From farm weddings to Harry Potter-themed weddings, we found the number of pins associated with each style and then ranked the wedding themes from most to least pins. For a local spin, we analyzed Google Trends search volume of each theme over the past 12 months to find the most popular wedding theme in every state.

Read on to see which creative motifs will dominate the wedding season in 2023 and beyond!

Pinterest Weddings: The Most Pinned Themes Overall

a graphic ranking the most pinned wedding themes on Pinterest

Drumroll, please … the most popular wedding themes according to Pinterest data are:

  1. Vintage Wedding – 315,235 pins
  2. Rustic Wedding – 179,401 pins
  3. Boho Wedding – 163,744 pins
  4. Beach Wedding – 146,211 pins
  5. Disney Wedding – 103,478 pins

With 315,235 total pins, the “vintage” wedding theme is currently blowing all other motifs out of the water! Vintage simply means the style of the wedding is inspired by a bygone era, from the roaring ’20s to the funky ’70s. Gold-horned record players, ’40s-inspired hairstyles, and old black-and-white photos of the bride and groom’s ancestors are calling cards of a vintage wedding.

Rustic weddings, complete with mason jars and wooden accents, land the number two spot with 179,401 pins on Pinterest, while the bronze goes to boho weddings, a pampas grass paradise, with 163,744 pins. Beach weddings and Disney-themed weddings follow with 146,211 and 103,478, respectively — never underestimate the party-planning skills of a Disney adult!

Disney Weddings “Take the Cake”

pictorial chart showing the 10 most pinned pop-culture wedding themes on Pinterest

When we zoom in on themes related to sci-fi, fantasy, and popular films/shows, here are the front-runners:

  1. Disney Wedding – 103,478 pins
  2. Star Wars Wedding 51,337 pins
  3. Great Gatsby Wedding 50,728 pins
  4. Jane Austen Wedding 49,291 pins
  5. Alice in Wonderland Wedding 49,001 pins

Cult followers of pop-culture franchises like Star Wars (51,337 pins), “Game of Thrones” (22,816 pins), and Marvel (15,864 pins) would never miss the chance to incorporate their fandom into their wedding theme. Don’t be surprised if you spy some “Iron Man” groomsman socks or a Hogwarts-themed cake at the next wedding you attend.

While some prefer Millennium-Falcon-themed centerpieces and Khaleesi-inspired wedding hair, others opt for a softer approach. Fans of the beloved author of “Emma” and “Pride & Prejudice” would make Jane Austen their ideal wedding theme (49,291 pins), complete with regency attire and decor reminiscent of the English countryside.

The Most Googled Wedding Theme in Every State

According to Google searches over the past year, “vintage” is the queen of wedding themes yet again, most searched in 10 states, including Louisiana, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. Star Wars-themed weddings won second place, most searched in seven states, including Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, and Ohio. Autumnal weddings, “Great Gatsby” weddings, and rustic weddings followed, each most searched in five states. 

Closing Thoughts

Wedding theme trends certainly run the gamut, from Western affairs with the bride in cowboy boots to a ’70s shindig with disco balls galore. While we can’t decide your wedding theme for you, we can help you find the perfect wedding bands and bridesmaid gifts to match whichever motif your heart desires!  

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