The Popularity of M&M’s Around the U.S.

A header image for a blog about M&M's popularity around the U.S.
A header image for a blog about M&M's popularity around the U.S.

M&M’s are one of the most beloved candies in the U.S. They’re chocolatey, crispy, and have some of the most memorable mascots around. However, their multiple mascots and many flavors tend to be the topic of debate throughout the candy-consumption kingdom. While many fans of Mars Inc.’s marvelous bite-sized chocolates are still debating between plain and peanut M&M’s, many other flavors have entered the ring. From pretzels to popcorn to white chocolate, and everything in between, the team here at Shane Co. ventured to find out which M&M flavors were the most popular in every U.S. state. 

The Most Popular M&M Flavor in Every U.S. State

A U.S. map showing the most popular M&M flavor in every state.

When it comes to these cute chocolate rounds, nothing beats the classics. The two most popular flavors across the country were the original and peanut M&M’s. It’s almost unfair to compare these two tiny titans to the rest of the flavors simply because they have been around for the longest time. The mighty miniature chocolates were introduced to us in 1941 as military rations in WWII. Just over a decade later, Mars debuted peanut M&M’s to the public in 1954, thus sparking the timeless debate of which M&M’s to put in our popcorn at the movie theater on dates.

According to the Google Trends data we reviewed, there is a clear winner here. Classic M&M’s came in first by winning over 22 states across America. Their yellow-wrapped counterpart, peanut M&M’s, was a close second at 14 states. Aside from the Western U.S., classic M&M’s were the most popular in every region. As you probably already guessed, the yellow wrappers dominated in the West. If any fans of the yellow M&M’s mascot feel disheartened right now, just remember that tough cowboys who lived in the wild West preferred peanuts in their chocolate (assuming cowboys enjoyed candy, that is).

Perhaps more interesting were the outliers we found in the chocolate-drenched data. Interestingly, some states refused to participate in the great peanut debate altogether. Kansas, for example, crowned the fudge brownie flavor king of the M&M’s. Michigan, home to the enduring Motor City, decided to go with something smaller by choosing the minis as their favorite M&M (sorry, Marshall Mathers).

North Carolina’s most-searched M&M flavor was probably the wildest of them all: white chocolate sugar cookie. The enduring popularity of this seasonal flavor throughout the Tar Heel State is a head-scratching mystery. This flavor was a holiday season exclusive in 2020, meaning it was only available for a limited amount of time. We guess that this combination of a white-chocolate-sugar-cookie shell coupled with a crispy center evoked a statewide nostalgia for simpler times that’s still going strong to this day.

The Most Popular M&M Flavors Overall

A graphic showing the most popular M&M flavors overall.

While classic and peanut M&M’s are undoubtedly the champions of the chocolate franchise, there were a few other choices that won more than one state. These honorable M&Mentions include white chocolate M&M’s claiming victory over four states and pretzel and mini M&M’s winning three apiece.

White chocolate M&M’s saw popularity coast to coast, winning the hearts of residents in both New York and California. This flavor also pocketed some Southern states in the process, including Georgia and Florida. Pretzel M&M’s rose to prominence on the East Coast by being the most-searched flavor in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Closing Thoughts

M&M’s are one of the most enduring candies in the U.S. They’re chocolatey, fun, and easy to share with your friends and loved ones. While multiple mascots and flavors continue to spark debates among candy fans today, they are a cherished American classic that’s here to stay. What are some of your favorite M&M flavors to share with your sweetheart?

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To find out more about M&M popularity in the U.S., we first created a list of 48 of the most popular flavors using websites like Mashed and M&M’s Fandom. Then, we analyzed Google Trends search data on each of these flavors from September 2021 to September 2022 to determine the most popular M&M flavor in every state and nationwide.

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