The Most Popular Competition Shows in Every State

Introductory graphic for a blog about the most popular competition shows in the U.S.
Introductory graphic for a blog about the most popular competition shows in the U.S.

From singing sensations to culinary masterpieces and mesmerizing dance performances, competition shows have become a beloved part of our cultural landscape over the last 20-plus years. Here, we will dive deep into competitive television, exploring the most popular shows in the U.S. according to Google Trends search volume from 2004 to the present day.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and join us as we go on a journey through the nail-biting world of competition shows!

The Most Popular Competition Show in Every State

U.S. map plotting the most searched competition show in every state

When it comes to competition shows, it’s crystal clear that singing and talent-based programs have the entire nation cheering for their favorite future superstars. Our recent analysis of Google Trends search data reveals that the following shows are the real stars in popularity.

The Voice hits all the right notes and takes the title of the most searched-for competition show in an impressive six states. This show is a musical rollercoaster, with its blind auditions and a star-studded panel of coaches who are titans in the music industry.

It’s no wonder millions of viewers tune in every season to witness jaw-dropping vocal performances and get caught up in the musical storytelling that makes this show a national obsession.

However, The Voice isn’t the only show hogging the limelight; American Idol and The Mole tie for the most searched show in five states. National staple American Idol has been in the game for ages, unearthing music sensations and creating bona fide superstars, while The Mole adds a thrilling twist of competition and espionage that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Up next, America’s Got Talent claims the title of the most searched competition show in four states. This show is an entertainment jackpot, showcasing talents that range from novelty acts to performance artists that will make your jaw drop. From mind-blowing magic tricks to toe-tapping dance moves and everything in between, America’s Got Talent guarantees moments of awe and inspiration.

While these shows steal the spotlight among many states, let’s not forget the expansive universe of competition shows that attract an army of fans. The competition TV universe is as diverse as an all-you-can-eat buffet, serving up culinary battles, electrifying dance-offs, and even crazy obstacle courses that push contestants to their limits.

The Most Popular Competition Shows Overall

Graphic showing the most popular competition shows overall.

When looking at the most popular competition shows overall, singing shows aren’t the only programs catching Americans’ interest. Coming in strong with a dazzling display of sequins and fancy footwork is Dancing with the Stars, sashaying its way into viewers’ hearts and most popular in four states.

This sparkling sensation pairs larger-than-life celebrities with professional dancers, resulting in a mesmerizing dance floor extravaganza that has the nation hooked. From graceful waltzes to electrifying hip-hop routines, the show brings together talent, glitz, and entertainment.

RuPaul’s Drag Race, strutting its way to the top, is most searched in three heavily populated states — Arizona, California, and New York. This fabulous extravaganza celebrates the art of drag and stands proudly as a beacon of progressiveness.

With its vibrant costumes, mesmerizing performances, and the empowering presence of RuPaul herself, the competition show has become a cultural phenomenon, breaking down barriers and championing inclusivity.

Closing Thoughts

In the exciting world of competition shows, we’ve witnessed talented individuals battling it out for victory in the realms of cooking, dancing, and singing. These shows have captured our hearts and kept us on the edge of our seats as we root for our favorites.

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To determine the most popular competition shows across the country, we compiled a list of popular shows from sources like Collider, Screenrant, and TV Guide. We analyzed the search volume for 38 competition shows, spanning from 2004 to the present, to account for both older and newer programs. This comprehensive approach allowed us to capture a wide range of sources, consider search interest over an extended time, and provide a reliable ranking of the shows’ overall popularity.

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