The Most Popular First Dance Song in Every State

featured image for the most popular first dance song in every state
featured image for the most popular first dance song in every state

Your first dance will be the pinnacle moment of your wedding reception and symbolize the beginning of your new life with your spouse. So as the 2023 wedding season rolls in, there’s one question on every bride- and groom-to-be’s mind: “What track should we queue up?”

Whether you choose a time-honored classic or a contemporary tune that perfectly captures your love story, your first dance will set the mood for the entire evening and create memories that you, your spouse, and your guests will never forget. No pressure, right?

At Shane Co., we love a good wedding party. We wanted to know what first dance songs are most likely to kick off receptions in every U.S. state. So we embarked on a melodic mission, scouring Google Trends data to uncover the tunes that will have newlyweds swaying and twirling while their loved ones look on, misty-eyed, in 2023. If you need some first-dance song inspiration, read on!

U.S. map showing the most popular first dance song in every state

Dancing Through the U.S.

Whether you and your soon-to-be spouse are seeking a heart-stirring serenade or an upbeat dance-floor filler, our research has you covered!

As you can see above, preferences vary widely from state to state but three chart-topping tunes have captured newlyweds’ hearts from coast to coast. You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne, Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri all tied for the most popular first dance song overall (each capturing the top spot in three U.S. states). There’s no doubt these three songs will set the mood at countless first dances this wedding season!

With timeless classics like Indiana and Hawaii’s top picks of Fly Me to the Moon and Can’t Help Falling in Love, couples can pay tribute to a romantic bygone era, while contemporary hits like All of Me (Minnesota’s top pick) and A Thousand Years (the favorite in New Hampshire, Iowa, and North Dakota) showcase the depth and passion of romance in the 21st century.

Fun, upbeat tunes like Alaska and Michigan favorites 500 Miles and My Girl add a lighthearted touch to the evening. At the same time, uplifting anthems like You Are the Best Thing (the favorite in Illinois, Florida, and Texas) and Better Together (the Wyoming favorite) celebrate the joys of partnership.

Closing Thoughts

As you and your partner embark on your nuptial journey, remember the perfect first dance song is the one that resonates most strongly with you both and is one you’ll enjoy dancing to (even if you have two left feet). Our study shows that first dance song preferences across the United States are as diverse as this great nation. So whether you choose a timeless classic or a contemporary hit, you can’t go wrong as long as it’s a song that truly speaks to you as a couple.

We hope our study helps you close in on your perfect first dance song, and we wish you all the best on your special day! Looking for the perfect wedding band to symbolize your special bond? Visit Shane Co. and let us help you with all your wedding jewelry needs.


In order to identify the most popular first dance song for 2023 in each state, we turned to Google Trends. We started with a list of the most popular first dance songs from, then narrowed down search interest for each of these songs over the past 12 months to evaluate which song each state has been searching for the most.

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