8 Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

There are many ways a newly engaged couple can celebrate. Here is a list of ideas that can be easily modified to be perfect for you!

1. Dinner and a movie: For couples who want a nice night out to celebrate their engagement, but don’t want to spend a fortune, dinner and a movie is the perfect option.

2. Spa day: A peaceful afternoon at a local day spa is a great way to soak it all in. After all, not much beats a relaxing massage.

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3. Sporting event: If you and your love are big sports fans, consider going to a game. Cheering on your favorite team and spending the day together is a fun way to celebrate!

4. First date location: If you want to do something extra romantic, revisit the location where you went on your first date. It will bring back special memories and give you the opportunity to reflect on your love story.

5. Wine tasting: Depending on where you live, there may be a phenomenal location to go wine tasting near you. This could also be a great opportunity to decide which wine you will serve on your wedding day!

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6. Engagement photos: This is a memorable occasion, so why not capture it? Find a photographer and have engagement photos taken in a park or other area you love.

7. Family gathering and party: Include your family in the celebration! Invite them to your home or host a dinner party at a local restaurant to announce the big news.

8. A weekend away: If you live in the mountains, a camping trip would be a fun way to celebrate. If you live near the coast, a nice weekend at the beach is hard to beat.

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