A necklace easily pulls every look together. Shop Shane Co. for thousands of unique necklaces for every occasion and for styles that go easily from day to night.

Shane Co. has a beautiful selection of necklaces for women including timeless solitaire pendants, lockets and pearl strands to layered designs, versatile chains and infinity styles. Choose from sterling silver, white, rose and yellow gold and stainless steel necklaces. Personalize a piece with your birthstone or engrave a metal necklace with a meaningful message. We also carry a wide selection of men’s necklaces from dog tags to everyday chain necklaces in a variety of styles and metals.

Necklace FAQs

  • Does Shane Co. offer different necklace types?

    We carry a broad collection of edgy, on-trend geometric necklaces and all-metal styles that are perfect for everyday wear. If you’re looking for an attention grabbing piece for a special occasion, treat yourself to a classic diamond necklace or a pendant adorned with sapphires. Browse our selection of dainty necklaces to more elaborate styles and even vintage-inspired designs. Our necklaces are crafted to last a lifetime and only incorporate hand-picked diamonds and gemstones. From religious necklaces to personalized pendants, you’ll find the perfect necklace for every occasion.

  • Do Shane Co. necklaces make good gifts?

    A necklace makes a perfect gift—whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, a birthday or graduation, we offer a large selection of styles and prices. A gift of a pretty birthstone necklace or a strand of akoya, freshwater pearls or pearls in shades of lavender and pink could be the start of someone’s collection. For something more personal, customize a necklace to make it truly unique.

  • How can I ensure the quality of Shane Co.’s necklaces?

    All of our necklaces are crafted with quality and covered under a Free Lifetime Warranty. Free maintenance, repair work, cleaning and polishing are all included in our warranty to keep your jewelry looking new, for life.

  • What are the different types of necklaces?

    • Lockets: Lockets are classic necklaces with small ornamental cases that can hold sentimental items like photographs.
    • Family Collection: The Family Collection is exclusive to Shane Co. These necklaces allow the wearer to customize their piece with up to seven stones of their choosing to represent the different members of their family.
    • Geometric: Geometric necklaces feature a center piece in a geometric shape, such as a bar or circle. Many of the geometric necklaces at Shane Co. are also engravable.
    • Pendant: A pendant necklace is a chain with a potentially removable middle piece, such as a diamond. This center piece is typically attached using a small loop, rather than being directly soldered to the chain.
    • Mother & Child: Another Shane Co. exclusive, this collection features designs that mimic the loving embrace of a mother and child. Some are customizable with the stones of your choice.
    • Lariat: A lariat, or Y necklace, is unique in that it does not have a traditional clasp or closure like other necklaces. You can fasten a lariat necklace by threading one end through the other, creating a “knot” that keeps the jewelry together.
    • Cross: Cross necklaces feature a cross as the main focus of the piece. This can be a plain metal cross or feature elements such as engraving, etching, diamonds or gemstones.
    • Chain: A chain can come in many different necklace lengths. It does not feature any other elements besides the chain itself, which will generally be made of a metal like silver or gold.
    • Dangle:A dangle necklace can, at first glance, be confused with a lariat necklace because of its Y-shaped appearance. However, these pieces feature a dangling middle component that sits lower on the neck than the rest of the necklace. The dangling piece is attached to the rest of the necklace, as opposed to being “knotted” like in a lariat.

  • What necklace length should I get?

    Shane Co. carries a variety of necklace lengths to fit your personal style. Here’s an overview of the necklace lengths we carry:

    • 14 inch: Also known as a choker, this length will fit closely around the neck.
    • 16 inch: This length will wrap loosely around the base of the neck.
    • 18 inch: This length will sit gently on the collarbone.
    • 20 inch: These necklaces will rest just below the collarbone.
    • 22 inch: This length will fall at or above the top of the bust.
    • 24 inch: A 24-inch necklace will hang at or below the center of the bust.

    The most popular necklace lengths are generally between 18 and 20 inches, but keep in mind that certain lengths may fall differently on you depending on your size. We also carry a few pearl strands and chains that fall below these lengths, the longest of which is 65 inches. These necklaces are usually knotted or wrapped to create the illusion of multiple strands. We also carry chain extenders if you wish to increase your current chain. Learn about choosing the right necklace length.

  • Does Shane Co. carry men’s necklaces?

    Yes, Shane Co. carries a variety of men’s necklaces in a number of styles and metals. Choose from stainless steel to 14k gold and other unique metals. Whether you’re looking for a thicker Figaro necklace or a thin box chain, our wide selection of men’s necklaces has options for every personality and budget.

  • How can I personalize my necklace?

    Shane Co. offers design-your-own pendants that feature a unique setting with the center stone of your choice. Our Family Collection is also customizable with gems symbolizing the different members of your family. We offer necklace engraving for a flat rate on a variety of styles, such as circular disks, bar necklaces, engravable lockets and more. Made from 14k yellow, white and our signature shade of rose gold as well as other durable metals like sterling silver, it’s easy to find the perfect engraved necklace or other personalized piece.

  • What is the difference between a necklace and a chain?

    A chain is a piece of jewelry that hangs around the neck, made up of a metal cable. It does not feature any other elements, such as pendants or attached gemstones. While a chain is also a necklace, not all necklaces are chains. Learn more about Chain Necklaces

  • What happens if my necklace breaks?

    If your necklace breaks, Shane Co. offers a Free Lifetime Warranty on most of our products that will protect your jewelry in cases of everyday wear and tear. We buy our stones directly from cutters and use high-quality metals to ensure durable necklaces that are built to lasta lifetime. In fact, we’re so confident in our pieces that we also offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have two months to return it for its full value. If you have any other questions, feel free to speak with one of our dedicated sales associates at an in-store location near you.

  • How do you style necklaces?

    Because there are so many different necklace lengths, designs, and styles, it can behard to determine how to wear them with any particular outfit. This diversity also makes having a variety of necklaces a fashionable way to stylize your wardrobe, make old clothing look new, and “dress up” otherwise plain-looking attire. One tip is to wear a classic necklace design if your outfit is busy or includes many patterns, and put on a statement piece if you’re sticking to something like a simple T-shirt and jeans. Shorter necklaces look great with V-neck tops, while longer chains will stand out with a crew-neck sweater or blouse. Layering necklaces is also a good way to create dimension and add interest to your neckline. Choose a number of different styles or mixed metals for a unique and trendy look. The options are endless with Shane Co.’s large selection of elegant necklaces.

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