Geometric Necklaces

  • Geometric Necklaces from Shane Co.

    Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or a beautiful necklace to add to your collection, our geometric necklaces offer modern style crafted to last a lifetime.

  • What is a geometric necklace?

    A geometric necklace features sleek, angular shapes and comes in a variety of styles from edgy bars to circular pendants. These necklaces can be simple and subtle or bold and vibrant. Shane Co.’s unique geometric necklaces are made from sterling silver or 14k white, rose and yellow gold.

  • What types of gemstones are available in Shane Co. geometric necklaces?

    We incorporate the highest quality stones into our necklaces including hand-picked diamonds, colorful sapphires, gemstones and vibrant rubies.

  • How does Shane Co. source its gems?

    Tom Shane travels to Thailand several times a year to hand-select every sapphire and ruby. Shane Co.’s stones are ethically sourced, never lab created and re-cut to maximize their beauty, brilliance and value.

  • Does Shane Co. offer other necklace types?

    Shane Co. carries a wide variety of necklaces to complement any ensemble. Whether it’s multi-layered necklaces, classic diamond journey necklaces or traditional lockets, you’ll find something for every occasion at Shane Co.