Lariat Necklaces

  • Lariat Necklaces from Shane Co.

    Lariat necklaces offer a unique look you won’t find in other necklace designs. Explore Shane Co.’s collection of lariat necklaces and choose something glamorous that will become your new go-to accessory.

    Find a variety of lariat necklace designs within Shane Co.’s unrivaled selection of fine jewelry.

  • What is a lariat necklace?

    Unlike traditional necklaces, a lariat necklace doesn’t have a clasp at the back to fasten the piece around the neck. Instead, lariat-style necklaces are secured by a knot or loop in the necklace itself. Lariat necklaces are also often referred to as lasso necklaces.

  • What are Shane Co. lariat-style necklaces made from?

    We offer lariat necklaces made from 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold and sterling silver. Some of our lariat-style necklaces are set with beautiful sapphires and pearls.

  • What other necklaces does Shane Co. offer?

    We offer a gorgeous variety of necklaces for women at Shane Co. From infinity diamond necklaces to chic layering necklaces, our collection features timeless pieces that you can show off with pride and are made to last a lifetime.