Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone Engagement Rings at Shane Co.

Gemstone engagement rings are a stunning alternative to diamonds for partners. Coming in a variety of colors and cuts, stone engagement rings make a vibrant statement that’s sure to stand out in any crowd. Choose from any shade or hue you want to ensure your ring is breathtaking. Shane Co. offers a variety of customization and personalization options to create the perfect ring you envision. Check out our gemstone engagement rings today or explore our site for more ring options.

FAQs about Gemstone Engagement Rings

  • Can an engagement ring be a gemstone?

    Gemstone engagement rings are any type of engagement ring without a diamond as the center stone. They’re popular for their stunning colors and alternative flair, but can be styled as a traditional ring as well.

  • Should an engagement ring be diamond?

    Engagement rings don’t need to be diamond rings - they can be any type of stone or ring! Your partner’s likes and style should be the most important factor in choosing any stone engagement ring. We’re happy to help you find the perfect match for your perfect person.

  • How do I choose an engagement ring stone?

    There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to picking out the perfect stone for your gemstone engagement ring. Make sure to choose a size that suits your partner’s hand and style. Pick colors that they enjoy, and would like to see often - after all, they’ll be wearing it frequently! Check out our easy process to build your own customized stone engagement ring: just choose your setting, a stone, and personalize the details with our simple builder.

  • How does Shane Co. source their gemstones for stone engagement rings?

    Shane Co. is a fourth-generation family-owned jeweler committed to ethical, beautiful jewelry. We’ve spent decades fostering relationships with some of the industry’s most renowned diamond and gemstone cutters. These relationships give us access to some of the finest gems available. Learn more about our superior stones and conflict-free diamonds by reading our story.

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