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Pearl Jewelry | June Birthstone Jewelry

People have long treasured pearls as part of their jewelry wardrobes, including royalty and wealthy families throughout the world. Cultured pearls took off in the 1890s, massively expanding the accessibility of pearls to anyone who wanted to wear this lustrous gemstone from the sea. Pearls are considered classic and associated with beauty and good fortune.

Our selection of pearl jewelry includes timeless pieces like pearl strands and pearl studs. We also offer unique options, including cultured blue Akoya pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearls, combinations of pearls and diamonds, and more for every style.

Pearls are popular in jewelry and are considered a good investment. Though they can be worn daily, they are very delicate, ranking a 2.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Keep pearls separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches, and wash occasionally with warm, soapy water. We also recommend avoiding getting your pearls wet. That said, with proper care, they make for great jewelry whether you are looking to commemorate your birth month or simply want to wear beautiful pearls.

FAQs about Pearl Jewelry

  • What Is Pearl Fashion Jewelry?

    Shane Co.’s pearl fashion jewelry is made out of genuine pearls and is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Pearls complement classic styles, like the little black dress or nice business attire. Pearls can also work well with more trendy looks and colorful day-to-day outfits. Fashion pearls are also frequently paired with diamonds for even more elegance and shine.

  • Does Fashion Pearl Jewelry Make a Good Gift?

    Fashion pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for any loved one. Fashion pearls are simple, timeless, and beautiful. Pearl necklaces and matching earrings are often gifted for the holidays or special occasions, but fashion pearl rings and bracelets can be an equally meaningful gift for any pearl lover. Shane Co.’s fine pearl fashion jewelry collection has white, dark, pink, lavender, and golden pearls available, so there is a style available for everyone on your list.

  • Can pearl jewelry be worn every day?

    Yes, you can wear pearl jewelry every day, but it requires proper care and consideration. Pearls are delicate and can be damaged by chemicals, friction, and moisture. To maintain their beauty, store them separately, avoid contact with harsh substances, and clean them gently after each use.

  • Are there different types of pearls available for pearl fashion jewelry?

    Shane Co. offers different types of Pearls and you can choose a type of pearl depending on your budget and style. These styles include: Akoya pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearl jewelry, Freshwater pearl jewery, South Sea pearl jewelry

  • How does Shane Co. source its pearls for pearl jewelry?

    This can depend on the type of pearl being offered. The different pearls that Shane Co. offers are sourced from different parts of the world. Akoya pearls are from the salt waters of Japan and China. Chinese freshwater pearls from the lakes and rivers of China. Tahitian pearls come from the atolls and lagoons in the South Pacific. South Sea Pearls are from the South Sea, including the Indian Ocean around Australia, Southern Indonesia, and Southern Philippines.

  • Is pearl jewelry expensive?

    With different types of pearls available, certain types of pearls are more and less expensive than others. Our freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls provide more affordable options than others.

  • What other styles of fashion jewelry does Shane Co. offer?

    Shane Co. offers many styles of fashion jewelry in addition to our pearl fashion jewelry. This can include: Blue Sapphire jewlery, Red fashion jewelry, Pink sapphire jewelry, Green fashion jewelry, And much more!

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