Renewing Your Vows

In life you have many significant moments, one of which is your wedding day. Then life happens and the years go by so fast. This I can vouch for, being married for 27 years myself. But I still look back on my wedding day with so much joy. I’ve watched my wedding video so many times, and it takes me back to that feeling—the one we all want to relive. The good news is we can relive it, and it’s called renewing your vows.

Many people wait until the perfect anniversary. The 25th is the most popular time to renew your vows, but you don’t need to wait. There are no rules here. Most importantly, do it your way and it’ll be perfect. Here are some great ways to mark the occasion.

Trade In Your Wedding Bands

If you’ve been married more than five years, wedding band styles have changed quite a bit. If you are thinking about a potential change, your renewal is a perfect time to consider a new style. Shane Co. has a great trade-in policy for men’s and women’s rings.

Add a New Band to Your Set

If you’re like me and can’t part with your original ring, by all means add a new band to the other side of your set to spruce it up. Stacking bands is a trend that’s here to stay!

Upgrade Your Diamond

Many ring styles can accommodate a new diamond, and you can put your original center stone in a pendant or a right-hand ring. Another option is sending your current diamond out to have a special laser inscription engraved on the girdle, something Shane Co. can do for a reasonable cost.

Engrave Your Rings

You can also engrave both of your bands if you haven’t already, and if you already have, there might be room to add your renewal date!

Whatever you do to show your sweetheart you’d marry him or her all over again, it should be special to you and reflect your unique love.

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