How Often Do Americans Fall in Love With Their Type?

It was love at first sight — or was it? In the dating world, it’s common to be attracted to a certain “type” of person. Maybe you’re interested in someone whose height is model-esque or someone who has deep coffee-stain brown eyes. Or perhaps you’re into personality and are attracted to extroverts over introverts, or vice versa. No matter what your preferences are, falling in love can mean something different for everyone. But how many people actually end up dating their preferred “type”?  


In this study, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans with questions to find out more about their ideal relationship and perfect partner. From physical attraction to personality preferences to traits you wish your current partner had, we collected and analyzed the data to determine the most popular traits people look for in their relationships. Does your partner fit the perfect partner description? Read on for more! 

Physical Characteristics

If we were to build the perfect partner, what would they look like? Tall? Short? One in two Americans (54.02%) say body type is the most important physical attribute when picking their “perfect” partner. When it comes to their partner’s physical attributes, Generation Z ranked height as more important than any other generation. 28.80% of Americans have no preference for any features, whereas 13.60% have heart eyes for someone who is tall. Hair and eye color were the least important features Americans looked for in their perfect partner, but Generation X, Generation Z, and Baby Boomers especially favored brown eyes.

Men versus Women Preferences

If you’re between 5′3″ and 5′7″, one in two men described you as a “perfect” partner, whereas 39% of women prefer someone 6’ feet or taller. Although most Americans say they have no preference for hair color, men and women of all generations seem to prefer brown (33.2%). Black hair was preferred by 5.1% more than blonde, meanwhile, and red hair had the lowest percentage with 4.7%. 

Personality Traits in the “Perfect” Partner

Close your eyes and imagine: What is your dream partner like? Are they confident comedians who tell knee-slapping jokes at dinner parties, or the shy, creative types? Most Americans find themselves swooning over a funny (89.8%), compassionate (88.7%), loyal (87%), and smart (84.7%) partner. Both men (42%) and women (45%) rank “funny” as the most important characteristic in their “perfect” partner. Artistic (34.8%), athletic (37.1%), and successful (43.4%) aren’t the first characteristics that come to Americans’ minds. One in two Americans prefer their partner to be extroverted.

Desired Characteristics versus Current Partner’s Characteristics

Now open your eyes! One in two married Americans say their current partner has two or more of their ideal physical characteristics. One in 10 of the respondents’ current partners (10%) have at least seven desired characteristics, while one in 10 (10.9%) say their partner doesn’t have any at all.

Overall, most Americans’ current partners match their dream partners by being funny (70.5%), smart (71.8%), and compassionate (63.4%). Almost half are falling in love with someone’s radiant confidence (50.3%). The lowest scoring personality traits correspond with the characteristics of current partners, with artistic and successful scoring 29.3% and 43.6%.

Americans’ Type

Most of America wants their partner to be funny (90%), smart (85%), and loyal (65%). 50% prefer their partner to be extroverted over introverted. But is there a deal-breaker for the perfect partner? 43% of separated respondents and 21% of Baby Boomers say differing religious views are an overall deal-breaker when picking their partner. While Generation Z isn’t as religiously driven, 43% say their deal-breaker would be different political views. 

Closing Thoughts

Everyone daydreams of falling in love and their dream qualities of a perfect partner: tall, funny, smart, compassionate, etc. But whether you’re with your dream partner who checks all the boxes or are still waiting, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” So when you fall in love with your perfect partner and want to begin planning the perfect wedding, we’ve got you covered at Shane Co.!

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