Does Shane Co. Really Resize Rings for Free?

Creating a yellow gold engagement ring.

Do you have questions about our resizing process? Worried your partner won’t get the ring of their dreams because of a sizing mishap? Never fear. We’re here to provide the information you need to feel confident you’re going home with the perfect wedding and engagement rings.

Q: How much will it cost to resize my ring?

Along with the best Free Lifetime Warranty in the industry, it’s completely free to get your Shane Co. ring resized by our expert jewelers. Even if you discover years after purchasing your band that it feels too tight or too loose, we can resize  later – for free, for life.

Q: How long will it take to get my ring resized?

Heating the metal on an engagement ring.

This really depends on how busy we are at the time, but, in most cases, your ring will be resized within two business days. If you’re in a hurry, we recommend you talk to a member of our dedicated staff to ensure you’re getting your ring back when you want it.

Q: Is it easier to resize a ring up or down?

It’s generally easier to decrease the size of a ring, so if you’re unsure of your partner’s ring size, we recommend rounding up rather than down. This also ensures that they’ll be able to try the ring on without it becoming uncomfortable or even getting stuck!

Q: How many sizes can I resize my ring?

As always, we encourage you to talk to your jeweler beforehand, as this answer really depends on the intricacies of your particular ring. As a rule of thumb, most rings can be resized up to two sizes within their original dimensions. If you have a general idea of how big your partner’s finger is, you should have no problem adjusting it to the perfect size.

Q: What if it still doesn’t fit?

Holding an engagement ring with tweezers.

If you find that you’ve misjudged your partner’s ring size too much to have their piece resized, we also offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee that will allow you to return your purchase for its full value.

Q: How can I tell the width of a ring?

All our rings have their width in millimeters listed in either the title or product description. If for whatever reason you can’t find  the width dimension, feel free to e-mail or call an online customer service representative at 1-866-467-4263. You can also visit us in-store to try our rings on in person.

Creative ways to determine your partner’s ring size

Jeweler resizing a ring.

If you’re ready to propose but still unsure of their ring size, use these helpful tips to figure out the best way to surprise them with the perfect engagement ring.

  • Go with the average ring size. Most women fall between size 5 and size 7, and most men between an 8 and 11, so choosing a ring that fits in this bracket is generally a safe bet.
  • Be casual. Take your time planning your proposal, and subtly bring up jewelry in the conversation. If you’re already on the road to engagement, they’ll probably take the hint and let you know what size they are.
  • Take a trip to the jewelry store. If they have a birthday or another special occasion coming up, take them to a jeweler and surprise them with the gift of their choice. Just make sure they try on some rings “for fun” too.
  • Check their jewelry box. Figure out which rings they wear on their ring finger and use one of them as a measurement. If you’re not sure what finger they wear it on, take a few and have a jeweler determine the average size.
  • Ask around. Approach their friends and family and see if they have an idea of what your partner’s ring size is – just make sure to let them know you’re keeping it a secret!
  • Turn it into a game. Tell them you heard that dividing one’s shoe size by two and adding three equals the size of your ring finger. While this may not be scientifically correct, chances are if you phrase it right, they won’t even notice you managed to snag their size.

To learn more about ring sizing and our Free Lifetime Warranty, visit and explore all our educational content.

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