Is a Natural Diamond Right for You?

three diamond rings in white gold
three diamond rings in white gold

Natural diamonds are the classic stone everyone knows and loves. Often used as a symbol of everlasting love in engagement rings, natural diamonds are popular in all types of jewelry. While diamonds have a history and reputation of being top-choice, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a stone for your jewelry.

Is a natural diamond right for you? You may be deciding if you want to go with a natural diamond, a similar alternative, or a colorful gemstone. While you can never go wrong with diamonds, we understand it can be a loaded decision. Below, we compiled everything you need to know when deciding if natural diamonds are right for you.

oval cut diamond ring being worked on by a jeweler

What Is a Natural Diamond?

A natural diamond is the miraculous result of billions of carbon atoms pressurized by the earth’s crust. They are brought to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions, then mined, cut, and polished. At Shane Co., all of our conflict-free diamonds are ethically sourced from communities that benefit from the industry.

Diamonds are also the hardest naturally occurring substance found on the planet. They have been used throughout history in jewelry, most notably in the past century for engagement rings.

rough diamond next to three cut diamonds. emerald cut, oval cut, radiant cut

Benefits of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds provide undeniable value. As a finite resource, natural diamonds are highly prized and the best-quality ones are greatly sought after. They serve as an excellent investment and family heirloom that can be passed down for generations. Buying natural diamonds also supports local economies.

Natural Diamonds at Shane Co.

All of the natural diamonds at Shane Co. are carefully hand-selected so that we can provide the highest quality for our customers. The Shane family continuously fosters relationships with the most talented diamond cutters in the world, and we get the first pick of the finest diamonds to ensure utmost brilliance and radiance.

solitaire diamond necklace

We have the best diamonds from within each grade. Find natural diamonds at Shane Co. in traditional shapes such as round, marquise, oval, cushion cut, emerald cut, princess cut, radiant cut, Asscher cut, pear-shaped, and heart-shaped. 

To upgrade a natural diamond, we offer full credit of the original purchase price toward upgrades. The new stone must be at least $1 more than the original purchase price, and you simply pay the difference from what you originally paid.

In addition to natural diamonds that are perfect for designing your ideal engagement ring, we offer natural diamond stud earrings and natural diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Find your sparkle with the piece of jewelry that best speaks to you.

We value our customers and strive to offer the best natural diamonds out there. Our years of industry experience have empowered us with the knowledge we need to provide you with exceptional natural diamonds. To browse natural diamonds, keep exploring or visit a Shane Co. near you.

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