7 Hints Your Partner is Ready to Get Engaged

Woman wearing engagement ring

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while or perhaps you’ve only just started. If engagement and marriage have been on your mind, consider what clues your sweetheart has been leaving to let you know they’re ready to get engaged.

They’re unconcerned about their exes.

Is your significant other still hung up on past relationships? Chances are, if they love talking about their ex, then they’re probably not ready to get engaged. When you start to notice that your honey seems oblivious to what’s going on in their past partners’ lives, it’s a pretty good sign they have their eyes set on a future with you.

They talk to their friends about it.

Have you noticed your partner speaking in hushed tones with their friends when you enter the room? Do you hear them bring up the topic of marriage a lot when they’re hanging out with their besties? Sharing their desire to get engaged with their friends is a surefire sign that they’re waiting for you to pop the question.

They take notice of other engagement/marriage announcements.

If your sweetheart keeps pointing out engagements on social media, they’ve probably got marriage on the mind. Take a look and see if they’re following wedding or engagement blogs, too — the more they’re looking, the more likely it is they’re really just looking forward to their own engagement.

They’ve introduced you to their family.

Getting married means you’ll officially be a part of their family, so it only makes sense that they’d want you to meet your future in-laws before taking the next big step. If you find yourself spending a lot of time with your partner’s parents, it may be time to start planning your proposal.

They point out rings when you pass by jewelry stores.

Is something sparkly constantly catching their eye? If your significant other makes a point to let you know which engagement ring styles they love, they most likely assume that their ring finger isn’t going to stay bare for long.

They talk a lot about the future.

If your honey seems to bring up the future a lot, it means they’ve been honestly considering what a life together would look like. This especially holds true if they’ve discussed topics such as where they’d want to live, whether they want to have children and their future career plans — all with you involved.

They’ve told you.

Still not sure if your partner is dropping hints? If they’re really ready for you to propose, they’ll probably have told you by now! Take their word as is and start planning your engagement … if you feel ready, too.

If your other half has been leaving you clues, find out how to know if you’re ready to get engaged with helpful advice from experts in our industry and beyond. Once you’ve decided to pop the question, Shane Co. can help you both create the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of, with high-quality options for every style and budget.

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I like the color purple diamonds ? and gold and silver… my birthstone is blue ? Sapphires

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