Top 5 Reasons to Love Platinum

Shopping for a wedding ring? Here are the top five reasons to consider platinum:

1. It stands the test of time.

Platinum does not require rhodium plating like other metals do. This gorgeous metal is naturally white and will stay that way forever. Interestingly, platinum does develop a finish called “patina” over time, resulting from scratches over the years. Unlike gold, platinum will not lose metal when scratched, it will just displace. Many jewelry collectors deem the patina look to be highly desirable, but if you do not like patina, just polish your platinum piece and it’s back to looking like new. Talk about low maintenance!

2. It has super strength.

Platinum is not only stunning in appearance, it is also a very strong metal. Because of this, many jewelers will make the prongs on jewelry out of platinum because it is far less likely to break and lose a stone. If you want a metal that’s really durable, pick platinum.

3. It has a completely unique color.

Place a piece of white gold, sterling silver and platinum jewelry next to each other and you will be able to tell the difference in color immediately! Platinum has an incredibly white shine and a silky finish that looks entirely unique from the other white metals. Even better, this exceptional, truly white color sets off any gemstone to its ultimate advantage.

4. It is rare. Really rare.

The amount of gold found in the world in one year would only fit in a 20-by-30-foot room with an 8-foot ceiling. That’s not much, right? Now take platinum. All of the platinum ever mined in the history of the world would fill a 25-by-25-foot room with a 25-foot ceiling. If you have a piece of platinum jewelry, you truly possess a treasure.

5. It is hypoallergenic.

The metal purity standards for platinum jewelry are very high because it does not need other alloys mixed in to make it durable. All platinum jewelry is between 90-95% pure platinum, while in comparison 14 karat gold is 58.5% gold. If you’re allergic to other metals commonly mixed in with gold, this purity standard for platinum is great news for you!

Have we convinced you to consider platinum for your wedding ring purchase? If so, make sure you check out these beauties.

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