The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Jewelry Store Shopping

Pearl necklace, stud earrings, and two rings.

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your sweetie, window-shopping custom engagement rings, or just want to treat yourself to a new piece, jewelry store shopping can sometimes seem intimidating – especially if it’s a store you’re not used to. At Shane Co., we train all our employees to be welcoming, helpful, and totally non-judgmental, so that your experience is easy and enjoyable from start to finish. But just in case you still feel hesitant, here are a few ways to make sure your shopping journey goes off without a hitch.

1. DON’T forget to ask questions.

You won’t know until you ask, so don’t be afraid to ask our jewelry consultants anything that comes to mind. If you’re unsure of what our Free Lifetime Warranty entails, ask us online or in-store to find out all the details. If you saw a particular style online that you simply fell in love with, make sure to ask an employee so you see it in person. We’re here to make your experience as stress-free as possible, but we need your help to do that.

2. DO try online shopping.

It’s 2020 and online shopping is a bigger part of our lives than ever. Did you know that you can shop our entire selection of fine jewelry from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you do! Head over to to receive free shipping and a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all orders. Our fast order fulfillment means your jewelry will be on its way within just three days. Shopping online is a great way to find what you need quickly, research your choices before heading into a store, or, if you already know what you want, we’ll send out your gift perfectly tied with a burgundy bow and personalized with a message from you.

3. DON’T worry if you don’t find everything in one trip.

This rings true especially if you’re thinking of making a big purchase, such as an engagement ring. If you come into Shane Co. and ultimately decide that you need some time to think over your potential purchase, that’s okay! We’re here to make sure you’ll love your jewelry forever. If that means making a couple trips to figure out what you want, there’s definitely no need to stress about it.

4. DO take advantage of new services.

While wandering into a Shane Co. store is always an option, we now offer online and in-store appointments to make it easier than ever to get the terrific service you expect from our employees. You can use your appointment to look at and try on engagement rings, or ask our talented jewelry consultants to help you find the perfect gift for someone you love. You can also use our Virtual Try-On on your phone to try on engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.

5. DON’T forget to take care of your jewelry.

Jewelry needs love just like us! Shane Co. offers free Care & Cleaning with every purchase, so you can take advantage of our cleaning service to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new. While we do require you to take in your jewelry for a check-up every six months to keep the warranty valid, we also recommend incorporating some regular jewelry maintenance into your at-home schedule. Dirt can build up and compromise settings; it can even damage certain stones. Cleaning your jewelry with soap and water is just as effective as any fancy machinery, so make sure to care for your pieces just as you do with your clothes.

6. DO your research beforehand.

If you’re intending to make a big purchase, it always helps to do a little research. Is your heart set on a blinged-out necklace, or are you looking for something a little simpler? Are you interested in a specific material but not sure if Shane Co. carries it? Do a little digging in our online store, find out about the 4 C’s of diamonds and the different engagement ring styles on our blog, or chat with our online jewelry consultants with pre-shopping questions. Having an idea of what you want will make the entire shopping experience easier on you and it will help our employees make sure we’re showing you pieces you’ll actually want to buy!

7. DON’T feel pressured to spend out of your comfort zone.

The latest on-trend piece is certainly fun to wear, but your everyday favorites like a pair of gold hoops, a timeless strand of pearls, and the perfect pair of diamond studs are the jewelry staples you’ll come back to again and again. Make sure you invest in ones that you’ll love to wear! Luckily, all our jewelry at Shane Co. is built to last forever, with a Free Lifetime Warranty that protects your jewelry – for free, for life. Because that’s what a friend would do.

8. DON’T forget what you came into the store for.

With so many shiny objects calling out for attention, it’s easy to get side-tracked from your mission. While we certainly encourage you to take a look around at everything in the store, don’t feel like you have to buy something you didn’t originally intend to simply because you haven’t found the perfect piece yet. Keep your eye on the prize and we promise we’ll find something absolutely stunning.

9. DO ask employees for help.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes! Even if you think you know exactly what you want, you may find that you end up deciding on something totally different than what you pictured. This is where our Shane Co. jewelry consultants come in – whether you’re struggling to find the piece were set on, want to learn the intricacies of the 4 C’s, need a jeweler to take a look at the bent prong in your ring, or simply have a question you can’t seem to find the answer to yourself, our jewelry consultants are more than happy to offer a helping hand.

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