Making a Wish List

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Making the most of the Shane Co. website is as easy as creating a Wish List. Utilizing the Wish List to eliminate the guesswork of finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be very helpful. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or baby gifts, the Wish List is a fun tool designed to help. It’s perfect for the girl who wants to guide him in the right direction without spoiling the surprise. She can make a list of the things she wants, but the when and what can still be a surprise.

There are many good uses for the Wish List. It’s a helpful tool for men (especially those who hate to shop), as well as the salesperson because we know he does not want to see everything in the store. We can easily show him the item that she listed so he’s in and out on his way. For those who still want to see everything we have to offer, the Wish List is a good jumping-off point to start looking. With so many options available, the selection can be overwhelming for many men who are only trying to guess her style.

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One of my close friends came in to look at rings for his girlfriend and she had a Wish List put together of things she liked. She had items ranging from rings with sapphire side accents to rings with sapphires in the center as the main stone. There was a common thread of the traditional blue sapphire, but to him, these rings were all so different. He knew he wanted a traditional-looking ring with diamonds, but he also wanted to get her what she wanted. As a diamond consultant, I could see the commonality between the rings. What we ended up with was a ring with a traditional blue accent on the shoulder of the ring and a round diamond in the center as the main stone. The ring was a little of him and a little of her and she loved it. Without the Wish List, we might not have found the ring she ended up loving.

To use our Wish List, all you need to do is set up an account and add as many things to it as you like. From there, we at the store will look it up and give him a helpful hand in finding something perfect. I know a lot of men that don’t want her to look because he is worried about spoiling a surprise. The thing is, even if he does not go with something on the list, it is still a jumping-off point to find something perfect. With so many uses and benefits, why not make one today and let your family and friends know? The big events deserve a gift that will stand the test of time.

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