Minnetonka Jewelry Store Remodel: A Tour of the New Look and Top Staff Picks

header image showing the newly remodeled Minnetonka Shane Co. with an updated personal experience
header image showing the newly remodeled Minnetonka Shane Co. with an updated personal experience

Our Minnetonka, Minnesota, Shane Co. jewelry store just got a makeover! We’re loving the new look that embodies everything that makes the Shane Co. experience so special. We wanted to share everything about this location and even asked our Minnetonka jewelry consultants to weigh in on the trends they’re seeing. Keep reading to learn more about the new shopping experience and how you can get the latest looks online or on-site in Minnetonka (or at another store near you).

New Store Highlights

To fully immerse you in a tour of the new store, blogger Emily Oen went to check it out and shared her journey with us on Instagram. Emily went to get her engagement ring cleaned, shop for a wedding band, and check out our fashion jewelry. See her video below for a glimpse at the stunning remodel!

Emily pointed out several of the store’s incredible features in her video. Check out some of our favorite parts about the remodel and Shane Co.’s unique take on shopping below.

Natural Lighting

We want you to be able to see jewelry, especially diamonds, in the same light you’ll see every day. While we have light boxes if you want to see your pieces up close, all of our jewelry on display is seen in natural light. We don’t use showy lights to add sparkle or shine. Instead, you’ll see just how brilliant our diamonds are on their own.

Care & Cleaning

As part of our Free Lifetime Warranty, you get free Care & Cleaning for your pieces. You may choose to clean your engagement ring before the big day, or you might use your hands a lot and want to bring back the sparkle. Either way, we’ve got you covered with our policy. 

Jeweler Workshop

Check out what’s going on in the workshop while you’re visiting the Minnetonka store! Our expert jewelers are working on crafting specialty items and maintenance while shoppers are browsing. This allows you to see the authenticity of our products and how hard our jewelers are working to perfect every piece.

Fine Jewelry

In addition to engagement rings and wedding bands, we also have an endless selection of fine jewelry for you to shop for those traditional and trending items that you love. Check out some of the pieces below that our Minnetonka customers are totally enamored with. 

Minnetonka Jewelry Favorites

sparkling diamond tennis necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklaces

Diamond tennis necklaces are never going to go out of style. How could they, with their exceptionally sparkly stones? Diamond tennis necklaces add glamor to every outfit, and they pair well with traditional tennis bracelets.

fashion solitaire diamond necklace which features a single elegant diamond pendant

Solitaire Diamond Necklaces

While diamond tennis necklaces consist of many diamonds, another item at the forefront of fashion is a solitaire diamond necklace, which features a single elegant diamond pendant. Yellow gold is an especially popular choice right now for solitaire diamond necklaces. 

yellow gold paperclip chain

Paperclip Chain Necklaces

Paperclip chains are in style in Minnetonka and everywhere else right now! We’re seeing a lot of white gold and yellow gold paperclip chains. Customers are loving these chains because they go with everything.

men’s chain necklace on figure

Men’s Chain Necklaces 

Men’s chains are increasingly popular. A men’s chain is a great way to add a bit of jewelry to their wardrobe with a fresh, fashionable look.

We hope all of our Minnesotan friends will come see us in Minnetonka or at our Woodbury location! If you’re not in the area, find another store near you or shop for all of your favorites online. Our Minnetonka remodel captures the essence of every Shane Co. store. Exceptional service and high-quality products remain our top priority as your friend in the jewelry business.

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