Honeymooning with Your Wedding Rings

Almost eight years ago, my husband and I took off on our honeymoon to beautiful Lake Tahoe. We were young and didn’t have a ton of extra money, so most of our afternoons were spent laying out on the beach. Although the weather was hot, the lake was very cold and the cold temperature caused our fingers to shrink. My husband and I were jumping off of some very large rocks into the lake when suddenly my husband looked down and realized his wedding ring was gone. We swam as deep as we could and even had other swimmers helping us but the ring was never found. Now, luckily for me, my husband’s ring was not a fortune to replace. But what if it had been my ring? Not only would it cost more, but the sentimental value the ring has could never be replaced.

No matter where you are going—an exotic beach, Europe, Disney World or a romantic cabin in the woods—you’re going to want to be wearing and showing off your new wedding rings. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that they stay safe.

Don’t Wear Them Everywhere

With all the great adventures you can have on your honeymoon, one thing you will want to remember is that it is okay to take your rings off, especially if you’re doing something outdoors like swimming. Keep the rings in a safe location along with any other expensive jewelry you brought with you. I keep a lock on my suitcase and have a small jewelry travel pouch that holds all my rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets without them getting tangled. Some hotels have safes (usually in the closet) for you to keep your jewelry in.

Leave the Rings at Home

On a recent vacation to Disneyland and the beach with my family, I didn’t want to wear my wedding ring and risk something happening to it, but I also didn’t want to go without a ring. I purchased an inexpensive ring to wear during the trip and left my real wedding ring at home where I knew it would be safe. I definitely recommend this if you have an active lifestyle. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that if something does happen to the temporary ring, it’s no big deal.

Buy Insurance

Life can be unpredictable, so getting your ring insured is also a great idea. Shane Co. will provide the needed appraisal to take to your insurance company. I also recommend coming into Shane Co. before the trip to get your ring inspected. We will fix any loose prongs so no stones accidentally fall out while you are away.

Safe travels!

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