History of the Heart

A heart. A simple symbol that has been used for centuries. Maybe you used to doodle it on your class notes, dotted your I’s with it or even use it today to express your love for someone. No matter how you’ve come to use this symbol, do we really know its history?

Prior to the 14th century, the symbol of a heart didn’t mean love. It was shaped more like a pine cone and resembled the anatomical shape of a reptile or bird heart. It wasn’t until medieval times that the heart started to take the shape that we know today.

It was only during the early years of the 14th century that the scalloped shape of the St. Valentine heart became recognized and would forever symbolize love. This Valentine’s Day, give your valentine not only a symbol of love but a symbol of history with our heart pendant collection.

Pink Sapphire Double Heart Pendant

Dancer Pink Sapphire Double Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver (20 in)

Say “I love you” with this beautiful double-heart pendant. This pendant beautifully displays one round pink sapphire surrounded by a 14 karat rose gold accent. Every time she puts this on, she’ll be reminded of your love.

Asymmetrical Diamond Heart Pendant

Asymmetrical Diamond Heart Pendant (22 in.)

This stunning asymmetrical diamond heart pendant will add brilliant sparkle to any outfit. Give her your heart with 28 sparkling round diamonds surrounded by 14 karat white gold. This heart design measures one inch wide and is perfect for your valentine this year.

Diamond Heart Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold

Diamond Heart Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold (18 in.)

With 36 shimmering round diamonds, this beautiful necklace is the perfect gift for your sweetheart. On trend and unique, this 14 karat yellow gold necklace expresses love in a sparkling way.

14k Yellow Gold Heart Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Heart Earrings

Simple and chic, these 14 karat yellow gold heart studs will surely complement her style no matter the occasion. Whether she dresses them up or dresses them down, these earrings will be a staple in her life.

Heart Pendants

3 heart necklaces.  1. Morganite and Diamond Heart Pendant (22 in.) 2. Beso Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K Rose Gold (20 in) 3.Emery Diamond Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver (20 in)

Show your love three different ways with any of these dainty heart necklaces. One heart-shaped pink morganite gemstone highlights the center of a lovely 14 karat rose gold pendant (top) and is accented by 28 sparkling round diamonds. This stunning 14 karat rose gold piece (center) provides ample sparkle with three brilliant round diamonds. Last but not least, our diamond heart necklace in sterling silver (bottom) is accented by one round diamond and is a lovely design for your sweetheart.

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